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Synonyms for deltoid

a large triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint and serving to abduct and flex and extend and rotate the arm

triangular or suggesting a capital delta, with a point at the apex

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Several studies have shown that NMES application on supraspinatus and posterior deltoid muscles is an effective treatment method for GHS.
A 20-cm longitudinal or curved incision centred on the acromion was made and skin flaps raised and the trapezius and deltoid muscles exposed.
For proper comparisons, the RMS value (Root Mean Square) obtained for each muscle (pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, biceps brachii, and triceps brachii) was normalized to the peak values obtained relative to all exercise modes.
At this point in time, the axillary nerve showed signs of recovery with all three portions of the deltoid demonstrating visible signs of contraction.
They are more likely to get their shot in the top of the deltoid because they can't pull their shirt all the way down.
Using MR and CT to measure the deltoid fat pad and muscle thickness, Lippert and Wall studied the rate of over-penetration using the CDC-recommended needle lengths in pediatric patients of varying weights and BMI's ranging in 3-18 years of age.
Figure 5 demonstrates an example of this mover/ stabilization coordination pattern in which the deltoid is the mover of arm abduction and the upper trapezius acts to stabilize the scapula and clavicle.
The vaccine trial is done by administering an injection in the deltoid muscle of the arm.
The clip, made by a hotel guest, shows Obama in a black gym suit, ear buds in place, choosing weights and working through an exercise routine that includes shoulder presses and deltoid lifts.
It relies on the deltoid muscle, instead of the rotator cuff, to power and position the arm.
The PPT of the infraspinatus and posterior deltoid muscles were measured in the prone position.
Approximately one-third of adults in the United States are considered obese (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2012); therefore, it is imperative that medical-surgical nurses make correct decisions when selecting a needle with an appropriate length for giving intramuscular (IM) injections in the deltoid muscle.
The deltoid is a triangular muscle composed of the anterior, medial, and posterior portions and can generate great torque at the shoulder (11), (12).
A site marked by subjects for IMI in the deltoid area###35.