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Synonyms for deltoid

a large triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint and serving to abduct and flex and extend and rotate the arm

triangular or suggesting a capital delta, with a point at the apex

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It shows that biceps, brachialis, and triceps were generally selected early in the process (and as such have lower average ranks in Table 2), and that the three different heads of the deltoid and the clavicular pectoralis had very similar average ranks (indicating that they were not added with any particular order across all subjects).
As reported in Table 3, similar activity between racket conditions was observed for the pectoralis major and anterior deltoid muscles, while significantly lower activity was found for the latissimus dorsi muscle for racket A when compared with racket C (Table 3).
Minimal atrophy was detected in the deltoid muscle, and electrical stimulation was administered to prevent the progression of the deltoid atrophy.
The deltoid is attached by tendons to the collarbone, the shoulder blade, and the upper arm bone.
Caption: Figure 5 Comparison of posterior deltoid moment arms during scapular abduction from 0[degrees] to 140[degrees].
Sensory blockade of the shoulder block is limited to the cutaneous distribution of the axillary nerve over the deltoid region.
For example, the vest now has a higher cut in the underarm area, which will eliminate the need to attach the axillary or underarm protector to the current deltoid axillary protector set.
Then, in performance, I injured the deltoid ligament on the inside.
Bjerregaard et al (4) reported that one of his 12 patients with deep lipomas of the thigh had pain sufficient to inhibit function of the leg, and Warner et al (7) described two cases of shoulder pain related to IM lipomas of the deltoid muscles.
With the resident on his/her abdomen or side, place your palms on the resident's lower back, stroke up the spine to the shoulders, out to the deltoid muscles, down the lateral back to the center of the lower back, and repeat.
deepen the shading to show the joint between the pectoralis major (the largest chest muscle) and the anterior deltoid (shoulder) muscle.
While interviewing Audrey from the United States Marxist Leninist Organization (she feels we need a new kind of democracy in America), I spotted an attractive brunette with a temporary "Fuck Bush" tattoo on her deltoid.
The artifact, a deltoid point probably used to dig holes, was found in the Kamitakamori site in the town of Tsukidate by archeologists from the Tohoku Paleolithic Laboratory and Tohoku Fukushi University, the members said.
Now, as 13th seed, the former winner, who reported no twinges from his recent deltoid problem, is fancying his chances of a second victory.
DELTOID RAISES The deltoids are three muscles which form nature's own shoulder pads.