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a low triangular area of alluvial deposits where a river divides before entering a larger body of water

an object shaped like an equilateral triangle

the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet

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Sedimentological analysis shows that the deposits have been formed under the influence of fluvial and tidal processes in the shallow-water environment, at least partly as infilling of erosional channels, thus evidencing deltaic or estuarine settings.
In contrast, in the Emsian at Willwerath, also in the Rhenish Slate Mountains of Germany, Parahughmilleria lived in a shallow, brackish or freshwater terrestrial setting in a deltaic transitional facies, possibly a floodplain lake or interdistributary lagoon (Poschmann and Tetlie 2006).
Some might argue that those who used to live in a deltaic region that became submerged could potentially have the opportunity to move inland.
The long-term sustainability of the Mississippi River navigation system depends on protecting and restoring the deltaic ecosystem.
In the coastal districts located on the deltaic area the model projects a 23% increase, on average, in the annual mean rainfall in A2 and 19%> in B2 (see appendix H).
Black Hand Gorge State Nature Preserve: Lower Mississippian deltaic deposits in east-central Ohio.
The river slows as it reaches the gulf because of the tides pushing upstream; as it slows down, it spreads out and delivers much of its sediment load into deltaic deposits.
Marshlands of Cities: Deltaic Landscapes and the Evolution of Early Mesopotamian Civilization.
Based on the typical geologic section on recently deposited soils of the Yangtze delta plain in the southern area of Jiangsu province, from the bottom up, sediment strata are divided into riverbed facies, washland-firth facies and deltaic facies sediment, including medium sand, fine sand and sandy clay with horizontal bedding and cross bedding.
Sediment distribution in the paddock and the sedimentary structures can be described as a deltaic model (Reineck and Singh 1975; Reading 1978).
The facies were grouped into facies associations and interpreted as representing deposition in a deltaic environment, natural lacustrine environment, and sediments that were at the surface prior to lake dam construction.
tens of millions of people will be displaced by rising sea levels in Small Island States and low-lying deltaic areas.
Side channels and low-lying deltaic marsh lands were undiked at this time, providing productive, low velocity backwater areas important for early age rearing and feeding habitats for some species of fish.
In the Carboniferous period (296-360 million years ago) the south of the county was deltaic mudflats and north of Coventry lay swamp forest, full of trees, ferns and abundant life, including dragonflies with six- foot wing spans.