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an airplane with wings that give it the appearance of an isosceles triangle

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For the futuristic delta-winged craft is said to be the perfect paper plane and instructions on how to construct it in 10 simple stages were published online yesterday by the Institute of Physics.
A spokesperson for Boeing indicated that it would be at least one more year before the company commits to making the aircraft and acknowledged that the technology behind the delta-winged aircraft is still being developed.
The distinctive double delta-winged Viggen will be one of the many highlights at the show on Sunday, June 10.
The delta-winged jet, one of two JSF prototypes the company is assembling in Palmdale, completed taxi tests of about 35 mph and 65 mph Tuesday on the ground at Air Force Plant 42.
The airline will be investing more than (pound)30 million to ensure its delta-winged aircraft can resume flying safely, and offering the best customer experience in the skies.
By the time he reached the squadron, a dozen pilots had been killed trying to bail out of their delta-winged "Sixes.
British Airways has invested more than pounds 30 million to ensure its delta-winged aircraft can resume flying safely, and offer the best customer experience in the skies.
As part of this sales effort, the company plans to introduce its revolutionary, delta-winged Sonic Cruiser in 2007 or 2008.
The sleek delta-winged aircraft took off from Istres, close to Marseille, at 2.
airline offering the Delta-winged supersonic Concorde service between the U.
The single-seat, delta-winged aircraft is about 48 feet in length and has a wingspan of 23 feet.
Experts have been testing modifications to the delta-winged jet that are designed to prevent a repeat of last July's crash that killed 113 people, including four on the ground.