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an airplane with wings that give it the appearance of an isosceles triangle

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Pilot and author Frankel offers a comprehensive examination of the Douglas F4D Skyray and F5D Skylancer delta wing fighter aircraft.
The Vulcan, the world's first successful large delta wing aircraft, made its maiden flight in 1952.
ILEARNT that tiny Sweden had been responsible for four major breakthroughs in aviation history -- the first country to have a jet with swept- back wings, the first to have an aircraft with an ejection seat, the first to have a double delta wing ( Draken) and the first with a canard ( two small wings in front of the main wing that many modern fighters possess).
Although the Vindicator is considered an expendable asset, it is based on a modular design that allows the delta wing to be replaced easily if the fuselage can be salvaged after a crash landing.
It left the delta wing aircraft pointing at the sky looking as though it was about to take off.
Designed with a straight wing "natural laminar flow," rather than the familiar delta wing of the Concorde, the SSBJ reduces drag by "up to 20 percent" and enables fuel-efficient subsonic cruise speeds between .
Aviation author Yenne chronicles the design and testing of six delta wing fighter jets by Convair during the 1950s for the U.
Among the items on sale are models of a Shetland flying boat and an Avro Vulcan delta wing bomber which are expected to raise pounds 1,000 apiece.
I also made an extra long sled, a double-decker sled--which is two sled kites stacked on top of each other--a tube kite, and a delta wing, or classic diamond kite.
But just a day after being released back onto the prison's Delta wing for sex offenders, he committed suicide.
What [Videler and his colleagues] are looking at is like the front edge of a delta wing," Henderstr6m says.
Or the 25-foot-wide Delta wing box kite that requires 10 children to fly it?
Krucker's company, Krucker Manufacturing in Garson in the City of Greater Sudbury, makes trikes, a type of ultralight aircraft with one delta wing, as opposed to a fixed wing and tall.
Activities include: (1) Air Engines; (2) Dunked Napkin; (3) Paper Bag Mask; (4) Wind in Your Socks; (5) Air: Interdisciplinary Learning Activities; (6) Bag Balloons; (7) Sled Kite; (8) Right Flight; (9) Delta Wing Glider; (10) Rotor Motor; (11) Flight: Interdisciplinary Learning Activities; (12) Making Time Fly; (13) Where Is North?
In PHS, the smallest boat in the fleet, the 30-footer Sorine, skippered by Ben Adamson, took out the trophy from Bill Koppe's steel cutter, Delta Wing, with third going to Nigel Stokes' veteran 60-footer, Fidelis.