delta wave

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the normal brainwave in the encephalogram of a person in deep dreamless sleep

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Post-operative course was favourable and subsequent ECG revealed disappearance of delta wave.
The predictive accuracy for Arruda algorithm based on delta wave was found to be significantly higher as compared to Taguchi algorit hm based on R/S ratio (p 0.
The patient opted for ablation therapy, which successfully eliminated the delta wave on EKG.
10) Both theta and delta wave activity was significantly increased during the concentration stress and performance tests in the Neuravena group (Figure 4).
EKG will show shortened PR interval, delta wave, and wide QRS duration (Park, 1997, p.
Adrija Puharich of Stanford Research Institute (now called SRI International) wrote in a book that when Uri Geller was bending a spoon, under the watchful eyes of scientists at SRI, his brain was registering the delta wave, which ranges from almost zero to four cycles per second.
Sweat sway may cause slow wave sleep (SWS, or N3) to be underestimated because some of the delta wave amplitude is attenuated.
Alpha wave activity is seen simultaneously with delta wave activity.
Another explanation for the arrhythmia is escape-capture bigeminy with the wide QRS being a ventricular escape complex that just happens to follow closely the first P wave of each Wenckebach period and just happens to have a delta wave in virtually every lead.
Had scientists in his century detected the super-concentration of mitochondria that gives rise to a hybrid human every few thousand years, or understood the true nature of delta wave brain activity prevalent in the young and the gifted, they may have discovered as I did-this sleepwalking young man was not alone on his walks.
This is because the loss of the delta wave shows that the accessory pathway cannot conduct electrical impulses at a high rate.
12 seconds), and a slurring of the initial upstroke of the QRS consistent with a delta wave (Figure 2).
Short PR interval and delta wave is the expression of preexcitation caused by accessory pathway.
Baseline electrocardiogram (ECG) revealed delta wave pattern consistent with the presence of a right sided accessory pathway (AP).