delta hepatitis

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a severe form of hepatitis

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However in this case the causes of the HCC were not determined since both his hepatitis B surface antigen and delta hepatitis antibody were also positive.
Delta hepatitis is highly endemic to several African countries, the Amazonian region, and the Middle East, while its prevalence is low in industrialized countries, except in the Mediterranean.
Hepatitis A and B, delta hepatitis, and non-A, non-B hepatitis were reportedly highly prevalent in the local Persian Gulf population.
Hepatitis D, formerly called delta hepatitis, was identified in 1977 as a small RNA virus; it is "an internal component of a transmissible agent that required coinfection with Hepatitis B for viral replication" (Bader, 1996, p.
Delta hepatitis is another type of viral hepatitis that is dependent on HBV infection and occurs either as coinfection with HBV or superinfection of persons chronically infected with HBV.
Chronic viral hepatitis, which results from chronic infection with hepatitis B, hepatitis C, or delta hepatitis, is often a progressive disease that can lead to cirrhosis and its attendant complications of liver failure and portal hypertension.