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The court ruled that whether the jail's delousing policy, which allegedly applied to all pretrial detainees, was reasonable under the Fourth Amendment could not be decided on a motion to dismiss.
Prisoners will experience mandatory enjoyment from delousing stations as well as free prison tattoos and head-shaves.
See CHRISTIANSON, supra note 189, at 131 33 (discussing how Americans used Zyklon B on Mexicans by placing their clothes and personal effects in delousing chambers in El Paso, Texas and how the Nazis developed the idea of disinfecting Jews in a similar fashion as well as treating them like criminals).
Some pesticides of concern are no longer used by the military, including a 70% solution of the insect repellant DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide) and lindane powder, an organochlorine used in delousing enemy prisoners of war and provided to some troops (predominantly Army personnel) for personal use, intended for application to clothing (DOD 2003; Fricker et al.
But at the same time, since Stephen may also sense here that Haines and Buck are plotting to "wash and tub and scrub" him for his ideas, this passage links back to Stephen's apprehension that these "others see me" as a "dogsbody to rid of vermin," and that this scrubbing will therefore be a metaphorical delousing of his valuable thought-parasites (Joyce 1961, 6).
So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parents' generation, try delousing the closet in your own room.
Instead our first foray into family time together involved a Friday night delousing one another due to a letter from school warning of nits.
I was going to give 'em their delousing dip, you know, everyone likes a good bath, when I noticed they were a bunch of them missing," he said.
There is also a sequence where he is delousing the boy's hair that should have you chuckling.
There were other small animals and several birds that Eclipse nursed back to health, her small, knowing hands zeroing in on broken bones and wings, filling their beaks with eyedroppers of sweet water, bathing ulcerated sores, delousing with the devotion of a monkey.
The men were registered at the camp's administration building and then taken to the delousing station.
The blueprints give chilling details, with gas chambers, crematoria, delousing facilities and watchtowers drawn to scale.
At every turn, according to Sloterdijk, product design was there to assist in new forms of environmental terror: For example, without the breakthrough of Zyklon B, a solid form of hydrogen cyanide that allows for its transportation before its conversion to gas, the technology of delousing might not have found its way quite so readily into the Nazi camps.
Reality also emerges by means of archival material: Luis Cernuda, the British documentary about Owen's utopian experience, engineers on the way to work, although they are not going to the Humanisphere, as the voice-over says, or the delousing campaigns during the war.
Look for a crusty circle on the face or neck of your goats when you are doing your spring delousing.