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Many of the planted or road mines, when uncovered and deloused, as the men termed it, were found to be of rather an ancient vintage, having been affected by surface water, and often rendered harmless.
They deloused us and there were no clothes other than what we got from the Red Cross, who were marvellous.
Security escorted the man out of the library and told him not to come back until he had been deloused.
All were vaccinated and deloused before leaving, and then they were off, escorted by three Red Cross nurses, three policemen, one Gestapo man, one German Foreign Office official, and a Swiss representative.
On entry she would have been searched, stripped, probably deloused and given a workhouse uniform.
Because body lice live in clothing, lay their eggs in clothing, and only visit human skin to feed, the patient's body does not need to be deloused.
Tracts were flung from carriage windows; they were passed out at railway stations; they turned up in army camps and in naval vessels anchored in the roads, and in jails and lodging-houses and hospitals and workhouses; they were distributed in huge quantities at Sunday and day schools, as rewards for punctuality, diligence, decorum, and deloused heads.
Highlights from their first album, Deloused In The Comatorium, included Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt and Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of ).
They must give up their street clothes for state-issued uniforms; they are showered, deloused, and searched for any type of contraband, which usually means a cavity search.
He has now gone back to the pound where he is being deloused and given a veterinary check-over before being placed in some local kennels, where he will continue to be monitored to see that he is okay.
For our part, we think those images sent a salutary message to the Arab world: dictators who rape, torture, and murder hundreds of thousands of people, who enrich themselves on the backs of a starving populace, are likely to wind up scurrying from dirt hole to dirt hole before being deloused and publicly examined by an army doctor.