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remove from the proper or usual locality

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Each body will tend to delocalize both radially and in location.
5, shows that holes are expected to delocalize along the polymer backbone, whereas electrons are largely localized on the BT unit, which is desirable for photovoltaic application.
The specific study covering the trend of the furniture industry in the past years is followed by an analysis of the business climate of each country: the purpose is to select the main threats and opportunities of each context, together with the strengths and weaknesses of individual economies, since these are important factors (in a positive and negative way) for those people who intend to invest in the new enlargement countries, who want to delocalize a part of their production in those countries, who want to open new markets or for anybody who needs business intelligence.
If length of the x-axis and size of the uncertainty range physically allowed to delocalize the particle do no longer coincide, the particle that moves between [x.
Within the framework of this project, we will develop a tuneable Anderson insulator to delocalize charge carriers.
The adjacent detachment space forces the basis element to delocalize.