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remove from the proper or usual locality

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In fact, the variation of crystallinity parallel and perpendicular to the polymer chain direction leads to delocalization of charges and hence affects the conductivity values.
The activation enthalpy distribution is very broad, indicating a strong delocalization of molecular mobility.
2,1) and the wave equations introduce the delocalization of a particle in a given region of space, in fact the degree of physical information inherent the respective approaches is basically different: despite their conceptual link, eqs.
In Polythiophenes, nonlinear optical properties can be tuned by attaching an alkyl chain to the thiophene ring, which enhances the delocalization of [pi]-electrons in the polymer.
This means that a delocalization extent of the system quark + gluons around [DELTA]x(i) the potential energy is approximately of the order of U0, around a range A x(ii) the potential energy increases linearly with [DELTA]x.
The fact that the new inserted production systems need extremely low response time is an advantage for Europe if it will be taken into consideration the possibility of delocalization of the businesses on the Asian market.
This might come from the strongest mesomeric effect, which produced from the delocalization of the unshared electrons of oxygen throw the furan ring into the [alpha], [beta]-unsaturated carbonyl system to accommodate a negative charge on the oxygen of the carbonyl group Scheme 2, which might make the compound less antibacterial active compared with other substituted [alpha], [beta]-unsaturated carbonyl compounds.
Normally molecules are stabilized by delocalization of electrons, whereby they may be located in more than one part of the molecule.
The observed association of Hp 2-2 with higher iron stores, at least in males, can be explained by a degree of iron delocalization in monocyte-macrophages.
These radicals, in most cases, are stabilized via their electron delocalization, or resonance.
12 Delocalization and Migration of Excitation Energy and Charge in Supramolecular Systems
The presence of alternating single and double bonds along the polymer chain that can allow the delocalization and movement of carriers along the backbone is a common property of PT [11].
The molecule of DPPH is characterized as a stable free radical by virtue of the delocalization of the spare electron over the molecule as a whole, so that molecules do not dimerise, as would be the case with most other free radicals.
DRE is the quantity which allows one to account for the effects of electron delocalization and thus serves as a measure of the stabilization of a polyenes molecular entity.
The proposed restructuring effort would include: Food Packaging Sector: - In Germany, Alcan Packaging Muhltal, 145 employees, and Alcan Packaging Roth, 66 employees, would be closed as a result of customer delocalization and over-capacity in the Western European food packaging market.