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While transporting the fans, the deliveryman was held up by a car of armed suspects blocking the road.
Presiding judge Saeed Salem Bin Sarm also confirmed a Dh3,000 fine that the defendant has to pay for punching the deliveryman, A.
The deliveryman was taken to Rashid Hospital to be treated for facial injuries.
The deliveryman seemed to have disappeared with my parcel into some GE[micro]reme version of the Bermuda Triangle midway between the center and my house.
Alexis had worked for three years as a deliveryman and waiter at the Happy Bowl Thai restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, and paid regular visits to Wat Busaya Dhammavanaram Meditation Center, the New York Post reports.
WARREN - A local man armed with a large black tomahawk and a crossbow threatened his parents, the police and, earlier in the evening, a pizza deliveryman, all over a $3 order of french fries.
The deliveryman will arrive in disguise, dressed maybe as a pizza delivery man or any other sales/service person, said the company.
A deliveryman who agreed to provide two cylinders at the rate of ` 1,200 said, " We get these cylinders either from consumers or godowns.
The spots imagine what it would be like if Eli Manning had ordinary jobs, as a pizza deliveryman or a children's entertainer.
In Harrison, a furniture deliveryman attacked a customer while in the customer's apartment.
Vallely delivers a compelling performance as a tuxedo deliveryman.
com reports that an attempted robbery in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was thwarted by an armed Chinese food deliveryman on August 13.
The moment you step under the shower, the deliveryman / plumber / courier / whoever you've been waiting for, rings the bell.
The man followed the deliveryman through a service door and into the back of the Mount Pleasant Pub in Hinckley Road, Walsgrave, last Friday, just before 8am.
A BAHRAINI has denied attacking a deliveryman and stealing his motorbike.