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something that can be provided as the product of development

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Deliverable 2: Provide fifty (50) completed survey forms for Division review and approval.
The new ProjectWise Connections Services and its deliverables management capability will streamline project workflows and expedite the document review and approval process for critical project documents.
Defined dependencies, or other tasks or deliverables that have an impact on content and timing (that is, one deliverable depends on completion and acceptance of another).
As a result, taxpayers that for tax purposes follow their financial accounting revenue recognition method for multiple deliverable arrangements could face a change in method of accounting that would require IRS consent.
If the multiple-deliverable arrangement involves multiple units of accounting, changing the allocation of consideration to the individual deliverables could result in a change to the amount of revenue to be recognized for each unit of accounting.
Inchstones are required project deliverables and aren't "additional" requirements.
Do you require the rights to modify the deliverables now or in the future?
Customer deliverables here include drawings, specific price quotes, a detailed technology review and customer-specific samples with production intent.
Implementation of deliverables is not always self-evident on the part of the recipient country and will likely require close coordination with the ODC and country team to monitor progress and, if required, provide additional focused technical assistance.
There are contractually acceptable, pragmatic reasons why early deliverables are unsatisfactory, rejected, or critiqued harshly in the beginning.
Revenue arrangements that qualified for this treatment included those that present objective, reliable evidence of fair value to allocate the total fee to the deliverables.
Once the practices are identified for the PMO, they should be laid out along a timeline that supports business critical deliverables first.
If you choose to drop your deliverables and focus on facilitating discussions, you, too, could fill this gap.
To end users, the software provides a real-time view of deliverables' state of completion and their dependencies on other deliverables by linking document and process management to create intelligent deliverables that "know" what steps staff must follow throughout life cycles.
HOUSTON -- COADE announced today the release of COADE PV Fabricator, a new software product for the automated production of design and fabrication deliverables for pressure vessels and heat exchangers, including 2D layout and detail drawings, bills of material tables, nozzle schedules, weld details, title block, nameplate, notes and any other annotation that may be needed for deliverables.