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something that can be provided as the product of development

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Deliverable 2: Grades 3 and 4, part of curriculum related to reading in French:
Generating high-quality deliverables quickly is a key differentiator for survey and GIS professionals," said Alain Samaha, business area director of GIS and Software for Trimble's Geospatial Division.
The tasks such as review and approval of deliverables across multiple offices and stakeholders are often labour-intensive, requiring large-scale coordination by a team of document controllers.
In this model, payments are made according to a predefined milestone schedule, with payment contingent on receipt and acceptance of deliverables that were defined before the contract was signed.
The Financial Accounting Standards Board's Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) recently updated guidance regarding recognition of revenue for multiple deliverable arrangements, which is intended to better reflect the underlying economics of such arrangements.
2009-13, "Multiple-Deliverable Revenue Arrangements," to provide updated guidance to vendors in assessing whether they should consider the deliverables in a multiple-deliverable arrangement to be multiple units of accounting or a single unit of accounting.
According to the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, a deliverable is ``something that can be done,'' especially ``something that is a realistic expectation.
Do you have the proper rights in existing software or other deliverables that permit the government to modify, in any way, that existing software for this new contracting effort?
Customer deliverables for the proof-of-concept stage include a basic technology review, generic concept samples and a generic concept price quotation.
At a review conference in December 2001, Estonia approved of the work prepared over the past nine months and directed that the project complete it work by ensuring that where necessary deliverables be reviewed, fleshed out, and prepared for ministerial approval.
According to SOP 97-2, revenue arrangements involving multiple deliverables where standard contract accounting isn't applicable should be divided into separate units of accounting.
Once the practices are identified for the PMO, they should be laid out along a timeline that supports business critical deliverables first.
If you choose to drop your deliverables and focus on facilitating discussions, you, too, could fill this gap.
Contract Manager software provides easy access to every supplier and contract in your company, keeping you in control of deliverables, key dates, payment rights and obligations in any contract, with any supplier.
HOUSTON -- COADE announced today the release of COADE PV Fabricator, a new software product for the automated production of design and fabrication deliverables for pressure vessels and heat exchangers, including 2D layout and detail drawings, bills of material tables, nozzle schedules, weld details, title block, nameplate, notes and any other annotation that may be needed for deliverables.