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something that can be provided as the product of development

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Based on the number of Compuware shares outstanding and shares deliverable under RSUs as of October 8, 2014, holders of Compuware common stock are expected to receive approximately 0.
The Committee's previous consideration, in 2005, concluded that it was premature to add Brazil Arabica as a deliverable origin, but recommended reconsidering the issue as commercial experience with Brazil Arabica accumulated.
As a result, taxpayers that for tax purposes follow their financial accounting revenue recognition method for multiple deliverable arrangements could face a change in method of accounting that would require IRS consent.
If the multiple-deliverable arrangement involves multiple units of accounting, changing the allocation of consideration to the individual deliverables could result in a change to the amount of revenue to be recognized for each unit of accounting.
Former Mayor James Hahn's main deliverables from his Asia trip four years ago were a pair of golden monkeys.
The working group, with the view to ensure that the planning system developed was comprehensive and effective, reviewed the entire family of deliverables for integration.
wfsDirect's DirectAppend solution matches accurate, deliverable email addresses to corresponding postal names and addresses.
Multiple-element arrangements for a single client may charge a basic fee for a group of additional software products such as patches; upgrades and enhancements; post-contract customer support; or services including elements deliverable only on an as-needed or as-available basis.
para]]EMM has released details of their latest, proprietary B2B data onboarding and hygiene processes that have resulted in a 200% increase of deliverable emails.
The role of facilitator (which rotated among team members) was to keep discussion relevant, keep the team focused on the weekly deliverable at hand, and guide the discussion.
However, in those instances when domestic customers may no longer require paper deliverables as an option, the total cost to maintain a unique paper deliverable system (source providers' costs to develop new content and maintain/update existing content) will be funded by only the FMS customer.
40 can now export collected images into SketchUp Pro and create robust 3D models of buildings, bridges and a variety of other objects for faster deliverable generation.
Specifically, the deliverable documents to the government system safety process and the approval of those documents were the key to communication, contractor and government understanding of the safety of the system, and risk acceptance by the U.
Deliverables - List of the form and content of each deliverable (outcome) including a description of the proposed method of working with UCHC, the resources or services requested of UCHC, if any, and the proposed method of receiving UCHC approval of deliverables
The Expert Guide for this deliverable is Kneko Burney.