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something that can be provided as the product of development

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The actual distribution ratio for the Covisint common stock to be distributed per share of Compuware common stock and per RSU will be determined based on the actual number of shares of Compuware common stock outstanding on the record date and shares deliverable under RSUs outstanding on the record date.
Clearly defined roles and responsibilities for developing the deliverable.
The new EITF guidance is expected to have a significant impact on industries that have multiple deliverable arrangements, including the software, technology, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sectors.
Vendors often enter into revenue arrangements that involve multiple deliverables.
At a review conference in December 2001, Estonia approved of the work prepared over the past nine months and directed that the project complete it work by ensuring that where necessary deliverables be reviewed, fleshed out, and prepared for ministerial approval.
Or worse yet, the content is from the wrong or unrelated contract, or is poorly linked to the required deliverable.
According to SOP 97-2, revenue arrangements involving multiple deliverables where standard contract accounting isn't applicable should be divided into separate units of accounting.
Managers can scan project deliverables to determine if a project is on schedule and, if not, where the bottlenecks are.
Deliverable 2: Provide fifty (50) completed survey forms for Division review and approval.
The role of facilitator (which rotated among team members) was to keep discussion relevant, keep the team focused on the weekly deliverable at hand, and guide the discussion.
However, in those instances when domestic customers may no longer require paper deliverables as an option, the total cost to maintain a unique paper deliverable system (source providers' costs to develop new content and maintain/update existing content) will be funded by only the FMS customer.
Specifically, the deliverable documents to the government system safety process and the approval of those documents were the key to communication, contractor and government understanding of the safety of the system, and risk acceptance by the U.
The Expert Guide for this deliverable is Kneko Burney.
Deliverable 1: Provide Pre-exam review sessions for GEAR UP students Vendor must provide one (1) day review sessions for students who will be taking the ACT.
This Excel-based Data-rich Deliverable (DRD) that is part of the Business IP subscription includes market intelligence on revenues on the IP VPN market by size of business.