deliver the goods

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When he needs to deliver the goods, he comes up trumps, and I don't expect it to be any different on Saturday.
Slam poet whirlwind Gavin Katz continues to deliver the goods as a solo act in the follow-up to his debut (with former partner Rocket), Rhapsody in T.
With 150 employees and $10 million in sales for 2005, Road One relies on a combination of independent contractor-couriers and its own drivers to deliver the goods.
This will allow UPG to buy raw materials and sell finished goods at lower cost from within the zone than from its other plants, and they will be able to deliver the goods to the customer faster, saving time and shipping or inventory costs.
There is still a need to reach for an envelope and put our faith in the Royal Mail to deliver the goods, on time.
Pallet specifications are summarized on a fact sheet, The importance of pallet specifications, by the NWPCA as part of their Deliver the goods industry promotion program.
From there we deliver [the cargo] to its final destination," says Joao Carlos Rosas, head of the intermodal unit at America Latina Logistics, promising to deliver the goods in four days.
He fails to deliver the goods, and what goods he does deliver are old news.