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remove (a security) from listing at a stock exchange

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The delisting becomes effective 10 days after the filing of Form 25, and most SEC reporting obligations cease at that time.
The Company s Board of Directors has approved the Proposed Delisting Offer at its meeting on 18th September, 2013, and has expressed willingness to get the consent of the firm s shareholders via postal ballot adhering to the SEBI Delisting Regulations.
The delisting trend comes as companies are moving to cut listing costs amid deteriorating earnings, analysts said.
Delisting will permit the Trust to reduce and more effectively manage its regulatory and administrative costs, including the costs of compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, as amended.
While no one questions that conservation efforts have made the eagle's recovery possible, even the environmental community is split on whether delisting the bird is a good idea.
Readers should note that the market liquidity for the Company's common stock is likely to be negatively affected by the delisting of the Company's common stock from the NASDAQ Global Select Market.
By contrast, domestic company delisting rates -- which largely reflect mergers -- increased to only 8.
Delisting from local bourses has accelerated as part of streamlining efforts by companies, which list their stocks on both the TSE and local exchanges, amid the prolonged deflationary economic slump, the officials said.
The delisting of grizzlies could occur anytime between now and 2005.
The company said the delisting has nothing to do with its health but rather Nasdaq's technical requirements.
Under NYSE rules, a listed company that falls below this particular standard is not eligible to pursue the NYSE's procedures for delaying the initiation of suspension and delisting by submitting a plan to address non-compliance with the NYSE's continued listing standards.
NCR Japan will be delisted after the company's earnings reports for fiscal 1999 are released in March, and the TSE is able to confirm that the company fulfills the requirement for delisting.
There can't be a double standard and a higher burden for delisting than listing," said Kern County Supervisor Roy Ashburn, one of the driving forces behind the bid to remove the special protection from the animal.
June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacesetter Business Properties (PSE) has been advised by the Pacific Stock Exchange that the Exchange will consider delisting the company's stock at the July 7, 1992, meeting of the Exchange's Equity Listing Committee.