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remove (a security) from listing at a stock exchange

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The delisted firm's biggest shareholder-the family of company Chairman Joseph Calata-has claimed making a tender offer will drive the company to the ground.
The increased number of companies that have delisted in recent years is cited as evidence that the rising costs of regulatory compliance are driving companies to foreign stock exchanges in an effort to escape intrusive and expensive disclosure and other legal requirements after passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX).
As previously reported by the Daily News, Nasdaq officials notified the company last month that its stock would be delisted Dec.
Volpe Brown Whelan analyst Andrew McPherson says while it's "always disappointing when companies are delisted, it's probably in their best interest to get out of the limelight and spend time fixing whatever needs work.
If Tripos does not regain compliance with the Minimum Bid Price requirement by July 3, 2007, Tripos will be notified that its common stock will be delisted.
As of Friday, 162 or 80% of the 193 firms that delisted or applied for delisting since April did so because their shares are traded on multiple exchanges, while the remainder were due to such reasons as bankruptcies and failure to meet listing standards.
Company's Common Stock to Be Delisted from the NASDAQ Global Select Market on January 10, 2007; Company Immediately Appeals Decision
NCR Japan will be delisted after the company's earnings reports for fiscal 1999 are released in March, and the TSE is able to confirm that the company fulfills the requirement for delisting.
If the Company is unable to transfer to the Nasdaq Capital Market or achieve the minimum market value requirement by October 26, 2006, Nasdaq will provide written notification to the Company that its common stock will be delisted, subject to the Company's right to appeal the delisting.
Glaxo stock will be moved on July 1 to the post for stocks under special supervision for delisting, then to the delisted stocks post on July 8, the TSE said.
There can be no assurance, however, that the Panel will grant CFNB's request for continued listing, or that CFNB's common stock will not be delisted.
If Penn Octane's common stock is delisted from the NASDAQ Capital Market, Penn Octane will continue to file all required reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission and intends to seek quotation in the OTC Bulletin Board through a market maker.
If Saflink is not eligible for this additional compliance period, it will be provided written notice that its securities will be delisted.
DALLAS -- Second graph, first sentence of release should read: xxx or filing its Annual Report on Form 10-K, by April 25, 2006, it is not anticipated that the Company's shares of common stock will be delisted on April 27, 2006.
There can be no assurance, however, that the Panel will grant Borland's request or that Borland's common stock will not be delisted.