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a shop selling ready-to-eat food products

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AN acclaimed Edinburgh deli has notched up a series of triumphs in a national awards scheme.
It's exactly where we want to be,” said Diana Willis, co-owner of the Southwest Florida Jason's deli restaurants and catering company.
The Milton Street deli also became a home from home for Channel 4's Location Location Location crew earlier this month.
Owner Andy said: "We hope lots of people will pop in to see us and support us to try and be the Deli of the Year 2011.
But in recent years, traditional delis have been closing, hurt by soaring prices for meat and changing tastes.
This is not about the best-looking or the smartest deli or farm shop," he said.
This new effort will include all LEAN GENERATION(R) Deli items, and will be highlighted on all POS materials, consumer advertising, web and public relations activities.
Pick up ready-made items at Tarzana Armenian Grocery & Deli or other Middle Eastern take-out establishments or markets)
At last month's FMI conference, the staid New England Consulting Group described the supermarket deli as "The Final Frontier" for the following reasons:
Which has more fat: Louis Rich Oven Roasted White Chicken or Hillshire Farm Deli Select Pastrami?
com/research/809504/progressive_grocer) has announced the addition of the "Progressive Grocer's 2011 Deli Operations Review: Deli Drives On" report to their offering.
This is our way of saying, you deserve a break to start off the school year right,” said Diana Willis, owner operator of Southwest Florida Jason's delis, and mother of two boys.
Waitrose is giving delis the hardest time, having applied itself to knowledge and service," says Bob Farrand, national director of the Guild of Fine Food Retailers.
In our quest to determine where the best deli items can be consumed, we took our time, visiting some of the most visible Jewish-style and ethnic delis within our area over a period of weeks - actually about three months - and then picking our top choices for a roundup.
Delis have delighted millions of shoppers by introducing resealable packaging for sliced meats and cheeses.