delirium tremens

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acute delirium caused by alcohol poisoning


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Wasilewski D, Matsumoto H, Kur E et al: Assessment of diazepam loading dose therapy of delirium tremens.
The fact that Thomas was an alcoholic - even on his deathbed he was experiencing delirium tremens - does not diminish his work and I think both Fitzgibbon and Sinclair were and are trying to be kind.
A severe case of delirium tremens and double pneumonia put him in the county medical center, where he slipped into a coma.
Older patients hospitalized with acute alcohol withdrawal experience more delirium tremens and delirium than do inpatients younger than 65 years, based on the results of a retrospective study.
To reduce the incidence of patients experiencing delirium tremens or symptoms of severe withdrawal and thus reduce morbidity and improve patient outcomes, an interdisciplinary team was created.
All subjects had consumed "inordinate amounts of whiskey or similar liquors (brandy); their death was often sudden or unexpected, not the result of delirium tremens and little else was found within the bodies to explain death,"[1]
These lead to fits which in turn become delirium tremens or DTs - violent delirium with hallucinations.
Moore, ably accompanied by Declan Sinnott, also pays tribute to Birmingham's job-threatened Cadbury workers in his opening Ordinary Man, while other songs vary from wonderful ballad Black Is The Colour to humorous Delirium Tremens.
My own handwriting after all would make anyone conclude I was a general practitioner with delirium tremens and when I survey my doodlings I have to question my own sanity.
Not the last stages of delirium tremens but back pain which makes it impossible to sit down without the sensation that a knitting needle is being stuck through my spine.
The programme ends with the song Delirium Tremens and an extra sequence where Christy rehearses Lord Baker with Sinead O'Connor.
Some items within our e-commerce store include the Delirium Tremens glass which boasts as being 'the most stolen glasses in America.
Stachura provides the upper echelon with a selection of out-of-the-ordinary beers such as the three Belgian imports that graced his winter menu: Hoegaarden, Delirium Tremens and St.
Were fer to this state as delirium tremens - the DTs - but there's anold Liverpool story behind the phrase"pink elephants" that makes me think it all started here.