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Synonyms for delirious

Synonyms for delirious

marked by extreme excitement, confusion, or agitation

Synonyms for delirious

experiencing delirium

Related Words

marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion

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Really, that's all we were worried about after the injury happened, especially his owner Michael Pickworth, who was adamant that whatever needed to be done should be, regardless of what it cost, and is deliriously happy that the operation went well.
Determined to track down this woman, Sanjay heads into the city where he spies a beautiful woman and falls deliriously in love.
With songs as fully-formed and deliriously icy as these, somebody should sign him up soon.
Goddess gowns in body-hugging fabrics, deliriously layered trains and dreamy pastel tones.
The most deliriously silly and loopily enjoyable evening in a theatre since Dame Edna came to town,' said The Independent.
gt;THE SITCH Your friend has a new BF, and she is deliriously happy.
While fans and players were still deliriously celebrating Boro's mother of comebacks against Steaua, George Boateng delivered a masterclass in diplomacy during a post-match interview with Romanian TV.
The formula sums up the deliriously methodical, ongoing project she embarked on in 1997: to create an imaginary company whose point of departure would be entirely of her own activities and that would at the same time escape any form of control.
Then, the ladies' man falls deliriously in love (or is it lust?
Then Jazz, who Sunny sees immediately isn't really Jazz, turns up on the doorstep, and their parents are deliriously happy to have their dead teenager back home.
It is a deliriously furious return to a Berlin that so deeply frustrated and upset Koolhaas at the beginning of the '90s when, in horror, he turned his back on the city's petit-bourgeois plans to rebuild Potsdamer Platz.
But smaller state economies are deliriously happy to get hard currency where they can, and they compete tenaciously for the business.
How many readers saw the irony in John Allen's report of the Ukrainian woman, deliriously happy at the sight of the pope, telling Allen, "My grandfather was a Catholic priest, murdered by the communists" (NCR, Aug.
Everything begins slightly askew then is spun deliriously off--kilter.