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  • verb

Synonyms for deliquesce

to change from a solid to a liquid

Words related to deliquesce

melt away in the process of decay

Related Words

melt or become liquid by absorbing moisture from the air

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So he could paint wilting flowers, overripe fruit, and make of them a richer kind of beauty, like the nearly deliquescing purple grapes, the visibly softening bananas, of Bowl of Fruit, 1933.
The end result of that bit of fake pragmatism was Teddy Kennedy deliquescing into his chair as the hearings rolled on around him, reduced to virtual silence by his scandalous history, now capped by the supreme irony that his nephew's lawyers are currently using the same mudslinging tactics against the Palm Beach woman that Hatch and Simpson were using against Anita Hill.
Among the loveliest works are the recent galaxies of wire that aspire to a transparent linear dematerialization; though drifting, they never abandon their status as sculpture, yet they embody the perennial dream of solid mass deliquescing into cloud and mist.
This may be why the deliquescing fruit of the still life is so prominent in Fischer's work.
Sealed in an ersatz realm of deliquescing and/or sliced-up forms, Schutz's figures embody a cartoonish horror that isn't really horrifying, and a joie de vivre that isn't wholly joyous.