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(especially of certain salts) becoming liquid by absorbing moisture from the air

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Deliquescent relative humidity of dust occurs when particulate contamination absorbs humidity.
Like her recent Window, 2013, which turned a steel Bauhaus facade into a deliquescent skein that drooped with weird menace from the ceiling, the slumped Tower is a faithful reimaging of a piece of existing architecture (right down to the window cranks), first softened and then torqued with satisfying malice.
On verra plus loin qu'on ne doit pas etre surpris d'une telle perspective, qui s'explique en bonne partie par la maniere dont l'auteur fait son adaptation et l'interet tout particulier qu'il porte a presenter un homme dans un etat deliquescent, en decheance, sans illusions et resigne.
In other words, unlike Dali 's deliquescent clocks and the frozen clocks in de Chirico's streets of Angst--clocks of cosmic horror and anxiety that inveigh against Providence in a post-Nietzschean manner and confront it with an infernal universe--the clocks of the Jewish artists are the clocks of history and memory.
Ainsi, malgre le fait que les expatries se reclament d'une vie en marge de l'Occident, cette division sociale a tout de meme comme resultante de renforcer, aux yeux des Goanais, l'image d'un Occident deliquescent.
Through all her many emotional/nervous/mental/ psychic breakdowns, she turned to the image of water, and river and stream, as a deliquescent healing wonder.
The 30 films he made as an independent, artisanal filmmaker are suffused with mystery, navigating inner and outer spaces via slowly mounting flames of deliquescent light, shimmering starfields, and rainstorms of color.
Although they manage to escape from the first "vegetable monster" (430), the humans gradually discover that their own bodies are also subject to the accelerated evolutionary force, with the ultimate implication that the characters who choose to remain on the satellite will continue to mutate until they too finally become "great scabrous mushrooms" launching spores to begin the evolutionary cycle again, enacting an explosively deliquescent return of the repressed pre-animal origins of humanity (436).
Deliquescent absorbent driers are similar except that the drying material is ultimately dissolved into the adsorbed water.
But the 'Indicator' patent refers to 'a binder and deliquescent salt' suggesting that some kind of coating or chemicals are added to the substrate.
In the wake of this paradigm shift, the concept of a stable, unitary self now deliquescent in the "eternal becoming, endless flux" of the instinctual will, man found himself adrift, his frail bark of consciousness buffeted by the perpetual surge of blind, irrational impulses from within and a storm of social constructs and constraints from without.
But once she has cleared the political-military catastrophe out of the way, Diamond's thoughtful examination of the vast human tide of civilian refugees creeping across the land--intimately crisscrossed and infiltrated by fragmented military units, spent soldiers, deliquescent officials, good Samaritans, and steadfast public servants--establishes her work as insightful and important.
Did [the book] really need a lengthy exploration of the ice cream business, replete with the smell of Belgian waffle cones and culminating in horror-film visions of deliquescent, multioavored goo?
Each salt contaminant has a deliquescent relative humidity above which the salt will absorb moisture and become wet.