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(especially of certain salts) becoming liquid by absorbing moisture from the air

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Each salt contaminant has a deliquescent relative humidity above which the salt will absorb moisture and become wet.
I saw her performing only once--a deliquescent waltz in the play Dark Eyes, in the early '60s.
Van Gas Technologies was formed in 2002 to promote the application of absorbent deliquescent desiccants in the natural gas industry.
Did [the book] really need a lengthy exploration of the ice cream business, replete with the smell of Belgian waffle cones and culminating in horror-film visions of deliquescent, multioavored goo?
Each was uniquely deliquescent, although the English composer's shade might well query the billing.
Take, for example, the very different context at the 2006 Berlin Biennial, where Gioni and his curatorial team selected--as a site for Sehgal's Kiss--a crumbling mirrored ballroom, which eloquently conjured an impression of historical grandeur as a deliquescent dream.
NATCO's line of five patented deliquescent desiccants remove water vapor from the gas as it flows through the DESI-DRI system.
THIS PAST FALL, with the consecutive openings of six "Asian biennials," the deliquescent 1990s and early-2000s trend toward establishing new large-scale exhibitions in increasingly far-flung locales bore fruit, such as it is.
The sudden, small crack in reality and its corruption of everything authentic has obvious parallels in the lie at the heart of The Adversary, as well as in the themes of Dick's stories and novels: Like the deliquescent physical world in Dick's Ubik, which can be temporarily restored but never reliably stabilized by spray applications of the product that gives the book its title, the descent of The Mustache's central figure into madness could only be halted if he suddenly believed--really believed--that the mustache he removed at the outset had never existed, or if his social universe acknowledged that it had.
a phrase speaking to an equal mistrust of deliquescent socialism and incoming capitalism.
The poems in The Lunar Visitations, Sen's first collection (1990), are more deliquescent in imagery.