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(especially of certain salts) becoming liquid by absorbing moisture from the air

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Our stare must dance, a stare-dance, star-dance, the Dog Star Man movelessly struggling up the mountainside, tortured and restrained by colors, images, deliquescences.
Elle nous assainit en s'opposant aux deliquescences de l'esthetisme et du pessimisme.
Not the least merit of Jourde's book, indeed, having mentioned Rodenbach, is his breadth of textual reference: there is valuable material on Lorrain, and two works in particular, Les Deliquescences and the anonymous Le Tutu.
The Petit Glossaire is not without a certain tongue-in-cheek scholarliness Of its own, coming as it does three years after another classic repository of decadent `bric-a- brac', Beauclair and Vicaire's Deliquescences d'Adore Floupette, published by `Lion Vanne' in `Byzance'.