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  • verb

Synonyms for deliquesce

to change from a solid to a liquid

Words related to deliquesce

melt away in the process of decay

Related Words

melt or become liquid by absorbing moisture from the air

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When the team saw how closely correlated the appearance of water tracks was to their humidity readings, they knew the tracks were the result of deliquescence and that the process was key to keeping the pond salty enough to persist.
Rendu a sa spontaneite, l'art redeviendrait alors l'expression collective du vivant primitif ; il recouvrerait sa voix primale, contaminee jusqu'alors par des apports exterieurs l'ayant soumis a leurs desseins ; il se ferait ainsi, et surtout, l'expression authentique des caracteristiques originelles de la nation qui le fait naitre, l'art indiquant, selon Celine, par son insignifiance ou sa corruption, l'etat de deliquescence de la societe et donc du peuple dont il emerge.
Ils voyaient que le mepris de l'egalitarisme pour les hierarchies naturelles preparait la deliquescence des nations et des societes, et leur remplacement par des caricatures de societes--ultra violentes, anarchiques et pour finir, totalitaires.
There exists no real sacrifice, no duende, and as a result the poems end up gesturing toward transformation without showing any real experience of it: "Somehow, she's the turning poignancy-- / deliquescence of iconostatic applaud / And shades of sumptuousness to come.
To understand this deliquescence, we must briefly recall all the arenas in which power is exercised--not just the international sphere.
The title's "passing" as a metaphor for the fluctuation and eventual deliquescence of Grandison's feelings towards Colonel Owens euphemizes the cheerful self-slaughter of the prodigal slave (indeed, the colonel "kill[s] the fatted calf" for him) and replaces him with a resolute freedman.
And because Oppen corresponded with Robert Duncan, Feld includes Duncan in his assessment of the Objectivists, and he says the San Francisco poet's fade-out was "a product of social, political, sexual, and almost masonic deliquescence.
Whether writing on the deliquescence of communism in eastern Europe, the
Hamlet's deeply ambivalent response to the ghost resides, I would suggest, in his inability to reconcile its implicit contradictions: the seeming vitality of its determinate form (the ghost as idol), with the materiality of its unbecoming--the mindlessly generative rot within, the undiscriminating deliquescence.
There's bound to be some loose talk about global warming and the deliquescence of the ice-caps but everybody knows in their hearts that this calamity is most likely to happen long after they themselves have expired.
I knew the euphoria of metal, the atavism of the cell, white nights of burning ice, the derangement of flesh, the deliquescence of dreams, the clarity of death.
Similarly, she argues, Jews and gays have been associated, to their great detriment and pain, with deliquescence and slime.
They function as euphemisms, protecting their users from the intense charge of "lesbian" with all its deliquescence of meaning, including hatred, rejection, and the ultimate taboo, female autonomy.
The requirement of general monotonicity across time sieves out short-term and nonpersistent variations that occur such as due to different governing ideologies or presidential personalities; instead, it helps us to identify long-term and persistent shifts across time that cannot be anticipated (even) with the acknowledgement of the deliquescence of politics.
Dans cette promotion de voyages aseptises, les tours-operateurs jouent un role non negligeable, transformant le monde en marchandise et concourant fortement a la deliquescence des societes receptrices.