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Synonyms for delineation

Synonyms for delineation

a line marking and shaping the outer form of an object

the act or process of describing in lifelike imagery

Synonyms for delineation

a drawing of the outlines of forms or objects

representation by drawing or painting etc

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The delineation map showed that 1321 ha had burnt in the area of Ogliastro, out of which 1153 ha were destroyed and the rest were affected moderately according to the assessment of the grading map.
Hilcorp's project is comprised of drilling and testing a delineation well targeting gas near the Ninilchik Unit Boundary.
He covers wetland definitions and concepts for identification and delineation, wetland formation and hydrology, plant indicators of wetlands and their characteristics, vegetation sampling and analysis for wetlands, soil indicators of wetlands, wetland identification and boundary delineation methods, and many other related subjects.
Delineation refers to the actual ground survey of the boundaries of protected areas and its management zones using global positioning system (GPS) or other applicable surveying instruments or technologies with the intention to come up with a map of the area.
Cyprus has signed delineation agreement with Egypt, Israel and Lebanon.
The second updated edition of Practical Handbook for Wetland Identification and Delineation is a pick for any college-level or professional reference holding strong in water science, and provides the definitive guide to wetland identification addressing real-world issues in water management.
Russia and Kazakhstan signed in July 1998 an agreement on the delineation of the northern part of the Caspian Sea to exercise sovereign rights for subsoil use.
Cyprus Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou Markoullis has invited her Lebanese counterpart, Adnan Mansour, to visit Nicosia over the next few days to discuss the thorny issue of the delineation of the offshore Exclusive Economic Zone, now that Texas-based Noble Energy has already started drilling to find natural gas deposits.
The company is conducting delineation and development drilling in Colombia, with an additional oil column identified in the Moqueta-6 delineation well.
The two major outcomes of that meeting were recommendations to develop a joint position statement on the role of oncology nursing and oncology social work in patient navigation and to conduct a role delineation study.
Designated nurses for resuscitation beds will be employed and rostered as follows in certain Emergency Departments in recognition of their combined role delineation and Urgency Disposition Group (UDG)--a measure that weights attendances for triage category mix and patient disposition.
Oil and gas company Gran Tierra Energy Inc (AMEX:GTE) (TSX:GTE) reported on Thursday the completion of initial testing of the Moqueta-2 delineation well in the Moqueta new field discovery on the Chaza Block in the Putumayo Basin, Colombia.
Blue-line delineation began from Fatmeh gateway in the direction of Oudayseh with soldiers spotted making an x-mark on Blue-line designated spots.
The law of the sea; training manual for delineation of the outer limits of the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles.
Lapointe proved up diamonds in the first four holes of the company's 13-hole, 3,500-metre delineation drill program.