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represented accurately or precisely

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This picture is no fancy sketch; it is drawn from the most vivid recollections of the person delineated.
The experience of the past delineated with pitiless fidelity the dreary scene.
Then we will once more entreat Homer and the other poets not to depict Achilles, who is the son of a goddess, first lying on his side, then on his back, and then on his face; then starting up and sailing in a frenzy along the shores of the barren sea; now taking the sooty ashes in both his hands and pouring them over his head, or weeping and wailing in the various modes which Homer has delineated.
Looking round him, he there beheld a signboard on which the painter's art had delineated something remotely resembling a cerulean elephant with an aquiline nose in lieu of trunk.
The streams should be delineated with a minimum accuracy of 1 meter.
5m wide more particularly delineated by a bold black line on the Drawing running from point A on the Drawing (Grid reference 420680E 567405N) in a southerly direction for 350m to point B (Grid reference 420652E, 567090N).
The interim results of drafting of the agreement on Kyrgyz-Uzbek state borderline and suggestions of sides on delineated border sections were considered, the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan said.
The French Mandatory authorities delineated the border in the years following the creation of Greater Lebanon in 1920, drawing detailed maps and on-the-ground sketches of the frontier in 1934.
In 2005, the UAE and Oman formally signed other maps which delineated the borders between the two countries from Umm az-Zamul, in the south, northwards to east Eqaidat.
All recipes are delineated with extensive, crystal-clear step-by-step instructions.
Mertler (2005) indicated that assessment literacy means meeting the seven competence standards delineated by AFT, NCME, and NEA.
According to DOD and DOE officials managing these programs, agencies' roles are not well delineated and coordination could be improved.
The artist thus delineated marks of one color on surfaces uniformly treated with another.
In recognition of the Heliport's location in a dense urban environment, there are special restrictions on its operations which are delineated in the REP.