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Synonyms for delimit


Synonyms for delimit

Synonyms for delimit

determine the essential quality of

be opposite to


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set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something

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1 Effect of Broadcasting Schedule by Start Delimiter Header
As to the problem of striking the balance between a good night out for some and a good night's sleep for others, the committee has suggested a review of building regulations and noise acts which set out requirements for sound delimiters or sound locks.
In the data instance (that is, within the scope of the root element): start tags, end tags, empty element tags, attributes entity references, character references, and CDATA section delimiters.
If your data contain delimiters and you choose the Delimited option button in Step 1, the Step 2 dialog box will appear, as shown in exhibit 4, at right.
You are provided with a number of options to establish delimiters, data sets, and so forth.
With the application of the PERFO program the initial file obtains numbered records and formally checked LINCS codes (a correct application of labels and direct codes, regular placing of delimiters, etc.
Job delimiters and worker expectations categories included such variables as travel time and distance between home and work, regularity of hours per pay period, and safety of work conditions.
delimiters on response options, requirements that all fields contain a valid response) to reduce the likelihood of human error during data entry.
But an intelligent use of these delimiters and word-grouping mechanisms will allow rapid searching and a satisfyingly manageable and 'noise-free' list of WWW documents.
Other functions include "Roles," which identifies musical, technical, and creative roles of recordings personnel; "Dates," which retrieves a list of artists who had entries on the popularity charts in a particular year (1956-1995); "Recordings," which includes helpful delimiters such as studio or live performance, place, and venue; and "Writers," which allows the user to limit a search to those composers or songwriters who are also performing artists.
Hence, a physician can simply enter the patient's medical record number, the number of days to include in the database search, and then the test codes, using commas for delimiters (e.
Beyond its increase over time, schooling varied with the other delimiters of status in early twentieth-century Iowa.
The interpretive conventions that we bring to these readings turn the artifacts of letters, words, and sentences into apparent delimiters on interpretation.
Spreadsheet files may be used as well as any ASCII files with common delimiters.
Considerable attention was placed on the specification of timeframes, exclusions or delimiters (e.