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Synonyms for delimit


Synonyms for delimit

Synonyms for delimit

determine the essential quality of

be opposite to


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set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something

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1, we need to address scheduling that includes the start delimiter in actual networks.
With regards to the pipe delimiter and no text qualifiers, these requests will help you avoid importation errors.
The next attempt to reformat the subtitles purposed the use three regular expressions to determine what each line in the raw subtitle file is representing, then rewrite all the subtitles into a new text file that separates each subtitle by a new line and use "|" as delimiter to separate index, time markers, and transcriptions.
Reste que celles-ci doivent etre contextualisees pour delimiter les developpements de nature endogene des influences exogenes.
The primary approach was a literature search of the ERIC, PsychInfo, EBSCO, and Academic Search Premier databases using keywords with a subject delimiter and Boolean truncation (see Figure 1).
The first delimiter couple to consider is (RAS = width of the image of the PW, LAS = first segmentation abscissa).
Indeed, the best delimiter of the modern global city might be that space within an hour's travel time of its international airport.
La technique de datation la plus juste probablement, consiste a delimiter une fourchette d'age d'un paleosol a partir de materiel approprie des unites sedimentaires sus-jacents et sous-jacents.
Enfin, pour ce qui est de l'adaptation des financements et de la solvabilisation de la demande et face a l'ampleur de ces taches, le Conseil regional entend delimiter son domaine d'intervention.
The Regional Delimiter describes a region or country of the world for which the association and relationship applies.
2) Building codes are a significant delimiter of an aircraft hangar's Form, materials, utility, and cost.
Selon Gartner (1989), le developpement de typologies est important pour delimiter les caracteristiques fondamentales d'un phenomene a etudier.
Modern versions of Excel will recognise the file type and open it as a regular Excel file but students using older versions of Excel may need some help when first reading the file because they have to check the box that specifies that a comma is a valid delimiter.
No date delimiter was used, the search went as far back in time as the LEXIS database allowed.
C'est admis, aucun ecrivain (notamment africain), du fait meme de son appartenance a une communaute culturelle et linguistique aux frontieres souvent difficiles a delimiter, ne peut se soustraire a la dualite (phenomene du double << je >>) imposee par le << jeu >> de l'ecriture.