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Synonyms for delimit


Synonyms for delimit

Synonyms for delimit

determine the essential quality of

be opposite to


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set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something

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You can use these as delimiters to separate out year data into a separate column.
1, we need to address scheduling that includes the start delimiter in actual networks.
Toutes les commissions devaient egalement delimiter les circonscriptions en tenant compte du principe de <<representation effective>> tel qu'il est decrit dans l'affaire Carter, et ne pas suivre a la lettre le principe d'egalite de la population dans les circonscriptions.
If the deal goes through, it will be the largest contract won by Ericsson since 2005, when the Swedish company built Telstra's 3G network, according to Delimiter.
The reason was that the environment used by us was case sensitive and was sensitive to delimiters (underscore, dashes, fist letter capital or small )
However, it became clear that the verbal particle marks the sheer endpoint of the event expressed by the verb, thus it is to be regarded as mere delimiter.
CREATE DEFINER='userid1'@'%' PROCEDURE 'sp_sp100'()BEGIN SELECT * FROM tablel00; END;; DELIMITER; -- -- Procedure structure for sp_sp1000 -- DELIMITER ;; CREATE DEFINER='userid1'@'%' PROCEDURE 'sp_sp1000'()BEGIN SELECT' FROM tablel000.
Pense comme une portion d'espace sur laquelle une nation, une communaute, un groupe, voire un individu fonde son origine et son appartenance, affirme ses valeurs et son pouvoir, le territoire est a forcer, a defendre, a fermer, a delimiter, a amenager, a marquer, a controler, a conquerir, a occuper, a reserver, a fortifier, a gouverner.
Modern versions of Excel will recognise the file type and open it as a regular Excel file but students using older versions of Excel may need some help when first reading the file because they have to check the box that specifies that a comma is a valid delimiter.
Using the 90% mark as a delimiter, only a small number of the thousands of solutions were ported to KANA IQ.
L'anthropologue Alain Testart redige l'introduction et un chapitre de reflexion theorique sur la distinction entre moyens d'echange et de paiement, pour delimiter les particularites des monnaies primitives.
In transmit mode data is fed to a 128 byte transmit FIFO via a four wire serial peripheral interface (SPI), while the generation of preamble, start of frame delimiter (SFD) and frame check sequence (FCS) is performed automatically.
Ici encore, l'autonomisation des ecrivains dans la sphere sociale se double de celle de la communaute litteraire canadienne-francaise, qui entreprend de delimiter sa zone d'influence et d'intervention avec la creation de la Societe des ecrivains canadiens (1936), faisant suite a la dissolution de la section francaise de la Canadian Authors' Association.
A delimiter is simply a character that identifies (delimits) the end of one number or word and the beginning of another.
org" site delimiter includes documents from organizations like the American Heart Association, and a ".