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Synonyms for delimited

having the limits or boundaries established


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The lands of 78 Miskito communities have been delimited and demarcated, and the communities benefited from receiving communal land titles; four Territorial Councils received inter-community titles.
It explained that the boundary in the Sikkim Sector has long been delimited by the 1890 Convention, which was signed between then China and Great Britain.
Drafting of the urbanization project of sector 1 delimited by the Granvia-Llobregat urban master plan in Hospitalet de Llobregat.
Delimited text files, by the least detailed description, are text files that contain structured data.
EDI and comma delimited documents are also intolerant of errors-one extra space can lead to corrupted data or rejected transmission batches.
Since most software vendors are reluctant to share detailed internal architectures of their products, they usually request that the present data be made available to them in ASCII delimited format or in a known database format such as Access, SQL Server, or Oracle.
The Inquisition, however, concentrated on the upper orders of society - with most of the accused being evangelicals (many denounced by their wives) - shaped and here Martin discerns the emergence of three strains of evangelism by two key changes in sixteenth-century Venetian society and culture: the aristocratization and narrowing of the city's elite since Agnadello, and the partitioning of Renaissance civic religion into sharply delimited and tightly controlled spheres of sacred and profane that were central to the Counter-Reformation's "politics of the sacred.
Buildings are located on sharply delimited plateaux stretching into the common.
He poignantly and accurately identifies the dangers of remaining restricted and delimited to rehabilitation systems, professionals, and persons with disabilities and their families.
Although the boundary is yet to be formally delimited, Beijing said both sides have conducted joint surveys in their border area and have arrived at a basic consensus on the actual state of the border area and the alignment of their respective boundaries.
Lot 1 number of area to be delimited 50 / number of fragmented cutting 1630,
The total length of not delimited sections of the border of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan makes 371.
He pioneered the technique of examining everything--plants, animals, soil, trees, and rocks--within a delimited area to understand how ecosystems worked.
In the paintings, these textures reappear as painterly passages that occupy sharply delimited planes of varying thickness.