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Synonyms for delimit


Synonyms for delimit

Synonyms for delimit

determine the essential quality of

be opposite to


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set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something

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This delimitation was approved by the Council of State and specified by the decree of December 17, 1908, geographically delimitating the appellation territory and identifying the sparkling wine of Champagne and wine made from grapes produced in Champagne.
Such media ruckus on the Palestinian side was met by an emotional Israeli media campaign that misrepresented the fundamental purpose and ruined the efforts of the Palestinian and Arab side to have a resolution issued at the UN Security Council, one orbiting around delimitating the borders of the Palestinian state as closely as possible to the 1967 borders and linking the Gaza Strip to the West Bank by swapping lands between Israel and Palestine within the framework of equivalent exchange.
pollen surface psilate, microechinate or echinate with a densely columellate exine) is secondarily helpful for delimitating the subfamily.
Deciding whether to shoot or pass an opportunity due to a less-than-perfect situation, a shot opportunity more likely to result in a wounded animal than a humane kill, or the simple fact that you're delimitating, is one of the toughest and most important obligations in bowhunting.
3)Geographers (Tuan, 1977; Soja, 1989), anthropologists (Appadurai, 1988; Hirsh and O'Hanlon, 1995), as well as philosophers (Bachelard, 1957; Casey, 1993, 1996; Heidegger, 1977; Merleau-Ponty, 1962) and literary critics (Huggan, 1989) all increasingly insist on the interrelations between the individual and place as well as the effect of place's "actively delimitating and conditioning capacities" in the processes of identity formation (Casey, 1993, 21).
Thus, in spite of its positive aspects this book, in the end, seems another victim of the unfortunate tendency predominant among certain scholars writing on South Asia and primarily in English (who obviously heavily influence Berkemer's work) to neglect the very basics of study, delimitating the object accurately and thoroughly, for the much easier and quicker project of constructing vague concepts and using data only to build over-arching theories claiming universality.