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Synonyms for delimitate

Synonyms for delimitate

determine the essential quality of

set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something

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Indeed, a prominent aspect of civil liability for defective products is that the criterion used to delimitate between safe and defective products circumstantiates producers' responsibility for damages caused to the extent to which only foreseeable use of product may be used as background for liability; however, due to the antagonistic substance of the two criteria proposed by legal practice (foreseeable use of product against legitimate expectations of consumer), the larger extent of the second criterion may be used as argument for its generalization.
De Hoog (1972) has done the most definitive work on the genus Beauueria in which he was able to delimitate Beauueria from the genera Isaria, Trititachium, and Acrodontium.
That's why is necessary to delimitate the two concepts.
Gutschow and Kolver suggest that Lalitpur was subject to planning from a very early stage and that this became necessary in order to delimitate the new foundation on the fusion of the earlier separate settlements (1975: 20).
We can delimitate this first phase in the period between 17th November and 27th November in the case of Czechoslovakia, because the power-holders of old regime acceded to negotiations with the opposition after mass supported general strike, held on 27th November of 1989, when they have seen the power of oppositional movement.
sub acest aspect, economicul si culturalul nu mai pot fi delimitate riguros.
Chestiunea formei politice a teritoriilor nou delimitate (State independente, State separate sub mandat, provincii autonome sub regim de mandat) ar putea fi rezolvata abia cu prilejul intocmirii acestui proiect definitiv.
At the same time, the two notions contain elements that delimitate them.
Cea de-a doua directie, duplicitara, dar pe fond, univoca, vizeaza modelele clasice ale tranzitologiei delimitate pe baza valului de democratizare din Europa de Sud (Spania, Portugalia si Grecia).
In other words, it delimitates as a process of massive shifts of labour and capital from predominantly rural to urban areas/activities.
Scholars with interests in ethical issues have different opinions about the proper criterion which delimitates the realm of ethics.