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Synonyms for delimitate

Synonyms for delimitate

determine the essential quality of

set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something

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His liberalism can be labeled as liberalism of rules, according to which frame laws and regulations delimitate a level playing field in which each competitor is free to compete without any advantage or any privilege.
The vertical lines in graphs delimitate the six phases of the financial crisis.
First and most basically, there is no clear definition of the concept of cadre (ganbu) available--making it extremely difficult to determine and delimitate the field of study.
Although in poor countries, these trends are not applied to all social classes, the access to goods and the consumer desires alone, delimitate an inclination to this dietary profile (DREWNOWSKI, 2000; GARCIA, 2003).
The use of KDEs is a powerful statistical tool to delimitate size groups with mixed frequency distributions which otherwise would be difficult to determine, not only for life cycle studies.
In the first section, Controversia, we present two articles that take up issues on the construction of identity in Latin America in relation to the emergence of specific representations that attempt to delimitate and characterize.
The indigenous signs and symbols are seen as demarcating a land and indicating the Spaniards have trespassed into an indio place, negating the claim of the Spanish expeditionary members as being the ones who solely delimitate boundaries and approve conceptions of rule.
Both the scores of economic freedom and the levels of HDI characterize the ante-crisis period, reflecting the reality of the years before 2008; that delimitate the beginning of the world recession.
Rationality and dialogue are necessary to delimitate crime from the media freedom.
The boundaries present on the map, as in the narrative, do not delimitate precisely the territory.
The ship, BNS Anushandhan, will be of considerable help to maintain the marine environment and navigability of the rivers, delimitate the maritime boundary and preserve the coastal area by collecting the necessary information and statistical data, and will also play a significant role in research activities and extraction of marine resources," a Defence Ministry statement said here today.
It might be necessary to devise a new ad hoc category to specifically delimitate Party norms in a peculiar system like the Chinese one.
5-2 microns, which were dyed with toluidine blue and observed under a Olympus microscope (Model CX21-FS1, Japan) in order to delimitate the sample.
In 1925 the committee's work to delimitate the Bordeaux area started and the negotiations for the Champagne area delimitation resumed.
All these real aspects conduct us to a more experimental datacentric approaching, rather than to an approaching aiming to deduce mathematical equations, by which we could delimitate the solution space.