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Synonyms for delimit


Synonyms for delimit

Synonyms for delimit

determine the essential quality of

be opposite to


Related Words

set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something

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It said, It is the result of 20 years of negotiation to delimit the overlapping EEZs of the two countries.
We plan to delimit another 15 km, there is mutual agreement on all those sections of the border.
Thus, in principle, Crary never privileges the analysis of these three paintings, though they do delimit the stages of the evolving construction of attention.
At the first meeting Uzbekistan suggested to revise and to delimit previously delimited border sections, while Kyrgyzstan insisted on continuation of border delimitation without revision of the previously made delimitation.
The initial fire assays will be reconciled with the quality control results and logging to delimit the extents of the mineralized intersections and correlate them to their respective "gold belts".
This biographical confluence does not delimit or define his work, but his career-ending ailment was certainly one impetus for his art - an extended meditation on illusion, decay, and death - which he pursued until shortly before his demise this year.
Stretching and bending without obvious beginning or end, they neither become figures in their own right nor delimit anything else.