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Synonyms for delighted

Synonyms for delighted

eagerly compliant

Synonyms for delighted

greatly pleased

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filled with wonder and delight

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We should enter Boris," she said delightedly, and ran off across the field, followed by a small, speeding barrel with flappy ears.
Jack delightedly explained that he was keeping a promise he'd made to himself years ago: to give back to DAV to ensure they could continue to assist his fellow disabled veterans.
I was freed from endlessly chasing and learnt instead to hold delightedly to the moments right in front of me.
THEN comes the REALLY NAUGHTY young adult fiction author Zoella, who smiled delightedly when her book outsold JK Rowling in the Christmas rush.
One moment she is recreating the blues classic Spoonful, the next she is delightedly pointing at the dancers in the crowd, or getting the man in the front row, in the Johnny Got a Boom Boom T-shirt, to stand up and shirt, to stand up and T share her applause.
Jigar Panchal, Head of Mobile Games, delightedly stated, “We are proud to launch this exciting game for our fans.
Cowell competed in children's -34kg and delightedly bettered last year's silver medal.
THE perils of footballers delightedly showing off their new colours were illustrated by Parma winger Jonathan Biabiany during the final frantic hours of the transfer window.
At one point, she delightedly recounts how "Exodus'' director Otto Preminger took over from Newman in one scene to demonstrate how better to give her a smooch.
When someone says bingo they all chortle delightedly and then light another cigar.
One woman delightedly scooped up a wardrobe of designer clothes only to find when they arrived that they had been specially made for a doll range.
12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- DressilyMe, an online dress retailer, delightedly announces the launch of its new 2014 Wedding Dress collection.
On the occasion, an alumnus of the decade of 1960s, writer, intellectual and Chairman Punjab Education Foundation, Raja Anwar and other old students especially thanked the department for holding this important function and delightedly shared fond memories of their stay in the department with students and the faculty.
When he first sported a printed shirt at a function, we called each other up delightedly that the young man had started dressing as we thought he should dress.
I think I have only walked down the high street once in my married life (35 years)" Princess Michael of Kent "I hope the press will tell the Privy Council to stick it in the privy" London Mayor Boris Johnson attacks press regulation proposals "I don't see why rich twits like me should be paid to put up everybody's bills" Lyricist Sir Tim Rice who declined more than PS1m to allow a wind farm on his Scottish estate "The suit, I can delightedly reveal, cost just PS350 to have made.