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Synonyms for delighted

Synonyms for delighted

eagerly compliant

Synonyms for delighted

greatly pleased

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filled with wonder and delight

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By the secondary type of delight, organization can have a long-term relationship with their delighted customers mutually satisfying relationship because when organization initiatively know all the needs and desires of the customers and meet their expectations by providing the same product and services which the customer desire most then customers not only feel delighted but also become a loyal which is the ultimate success of any organization.
We would be delighted to get a squad together before Tuesday, then it's looking good for the start of pre-season.
Leeds United Managing Director David Haigh said: The Club is delighted to secure further long-term investment and support from our main sponsor.
Lewis said: "I'm delighted for Welsh rugby, I'm delighted for the team of coaches we've got and I'm delighted for Shaun.
In theory, delighted customers should be more loyal than simply satisfied customers (Hallowell, 1996).
Hutchings was delighted for his right wideman and now wants to see him add to that haul.
Mrs Trencham was delighted to take part in the celebration to mark the occasion, which also looks forward to the completion of the scheme ahead of schedule this summer.
Rather than measure delight directly, the authors suggested that 'very satisfied' customers would include delighted ones.
A group of delighted children from the charity Home-Start Winson Green & Handsworth were delighted to be invited along to visit The Snowman at The Birmingham Repertory Theatre.
Most of you will have no way of knowing this but I admire Michael Douglas very, very much and I was delighted when I heard he was going to be here tonight.
We were delighted to be cruising south along the cactus-lined shores of the Pacific coast of Baja in our floating oasis.
The statement reads: ``Victoria and David Beckham are delighted to announce that they are expecting their third child.
Dr Rhona Hughes, consultant obstetrician at the New Royal Infirmary, said: "I'm delighted to be able to tell you that Sarah Brown gave birth to a healthy baby boy this morning at 9.
This location is certain to become one of the world's top shopping, dining and entertainment destinations and we are delighted to be able to have such a significant space retail here," said Mike Tucci, president - Retail Division, North America of Coach, Inc.
THE delighted mother of little murder victim Sarah Payne last night revealed she is pregnant.