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Synonyms for deliciously

in a very pleasurable manner


so as to produce a delightful taste

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She slept until the dream was quite finished and woke feeling deliciously cosy just as morning was breaking from its egg, and then she almost fell asleep again, and then she called out,
The instant his lips came together they curved into a blissfully sleepy smile, and with that smile he slowly and deliciously rolled back again.
As for the rest, every bit was made by her own hands--featherstitched pinning blankets, a crocheted jacket and cap, knitted mittens, embroidered bonnets; slim little princess slips of sensible length; underskirts on absurd Lilliputian yokes; silk-embroidered white flannel petticoats; stockings and crocheted boots, seeming to burgeon before her eyes with wriggly pink toes and plump little calves; and last, but not least, many deliciously soft squares of bird's-eye linen.
The cheese was simmering and browning away, most delightfully, in a little Dutch oven before the fire; the pettitoes were getting on deliciously in a little tin saucepan on the hob; and Mrs.
My head feels deliciously light and cool, and the barber said I could soon have a curly crop, which will be boyish, becoming, and easy to keep in order.
THE set for this deliciously old school version of one of the bestloved ballets is straight out of the kind of Christmas card that has almost disappeared under pugs in Santa hats.
Leeds-based brand design consultancy Chilli UK has come up with new packaging design for the launch of Deliciously Ellas new granola and muesli products.
Blogger Ella Mills, known as Deliciously Ella, is one of the poster girls of the growing clean-eating craze.
com NOT content with conquering the nutrition world, Deliciously Ella, pictured below, has taken her superfood know-how into beauty.
Deliciously crisp and dry with all sorts of hoppy punch bouncing behind and the curacao and sweet orange peel bringing the marmalade.
Deliciously Dairy Free: Fresh & Simple Lactose-Free Recipes for Healthy Eating Every Day provides over a hundred lactose-free recipes for dishes that are normally forbidden fare for the lactose intolerant.
It's a shame, since his latest is so deliciously unpredictable it looks as if it was made by the love child of Alfred Hitchcock and David Cronenberg.
There's something just so deliciously wrong about buying fresh, unusual, carefully cooked fare from a "kitchen" that also has a gearshift and brakes, and must pull in for an oil change every now and then.
Kingsmill Danish 400g - a deliciously soft, white bread with a light texture in a 400g loaf.
Summary: Food lovers can usher in a weekend of deliciously refined tastes