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ready-to-eat food products


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Delicatessen food by the 1920s offered a refuge for the reputedly lazy "jazz wife," who ran out and got deli food instead of cooking.
Marketing manager, Peter Elvin, explains: "Golden Vale Brunchettas combine the indulgence and nutritional qualities of proper delicatessen food with the convenience of a bag of crisps.
Hugh himself came out of the house later, clad in sweater and blue jeans and carrying a bag of delicatessen food.
Supermarket giant Safeway last night recalled one of its delicatessen food products after tests revealed it could cause food poisoning.
Jellies - Every craft stall and delicatessen food outlet will have variations but the most popular are cranberry, quince, blackcurrant and redcurrant.
Among others on the stand are herring marinader Lykkeberg, smoked and cured meats producer Harry's, salamis, pates and other delicatessen food specialist Farre, and Appetit, which produces unprepared and prepared garlic and chilli products.
a delicatessen food processor and distributor, and SPI Polyols, Inc.
Artisan Emporium, Oakwell Hall Country Park, Birstall (August 27): The historic Oakwell Barn will be filled with artists and craftspeople selling everything from hand-made jewellery to delicatessen foods, candles to vintage clothing.
It also has a range of delicatessen foods displayed within a large chilled counter, as well as a fresh bread section, large selection of wines, spirits, beers, ciders and general goods.
Continental Specialty Meats is truly a family affair a company with a proud history of fine delicatessen foods, said Don Cunningham, president and CEO of Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC).
Added to the market's first floor - in the space that previously held a jumble of small shops - is Hartwick's, a gourmet cookware and kitchen store, and Marche Provisions, a specialty food store with gourmet coffee as well as breads, delicatessen foods and specialty items also found in the market's Marche restaurant.
Fine Food once again takes centre stage, due to the breadth of products on show, which include general provisions, delicatessen foods, health foods and diet products.
Patients were asked about their exposure to the delicatessen foods during the 5 days before their symptom onsets; controls were asked about their exposure to the delicatessen foods during the first 10 days of September.
Kim and Joan Beynon of CelVac, vacuum recovery engineers, Tenby; Margaret Carter of Patchwork Traditional Foods, delicatessen foods, Ruthin; Richard Baker of Sequence Collective, web design and hosting agency, Cardiff; Iain Burgess of BVG Group, fishing tackle manufacturers and distributors and mail order services, Brecon; Pauline Kotscky of Pauline Kotscky Associates and chair of Business Connect.
The company produces soups, sauces, gravies, pastas, instant meals, delicatessen foods, desserts and sweets, cold soups, dietary products and frozen foods which are distributed to retailers, butchers, department stores, caterers, institutions and food processors.