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involved in or characterized by deliberation and discussion and examination

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Deliberatively incommensurable values may be defined as the complement of the set of deliberative values identified in Richardson's definition: When it is impossible to deliberate rationally among options by judging which option has more of some desired property, but it is still possible to deliberate rationally, the objects of deliberation are incommensurably valuable.
Bernard Williams has argued that preserving the connection between rationalising and causal explanations imposes a constraint on attributions of reasons to agents: any such attribution must assign a state deliberatively accessible to agents if they soundly practically deliberated.
Formal amendment in Canada is also consultative by design, requiring political actors to consult deliberatively and cooperatively on major constitutional change.
We use the label "ornamental," however, because the minimal substantive contribution made by dictionary definitions is less salient than the legitimating role these definitions play when they are deliberatively identified and assessed in objective terms near the start of the Court's analysis.
The underlying values and assumptions remain invisible and undefined, deliberatively.
Contemporary Roma exclusion is a form of "passive" exclusion as nowadays public policies are not deliberatively exclude the Roma, even if they are excluded as a consequence of social policies.
Furthermore, when we do reflect on our work, very seldom is the reflection deliberatively directed toward improving practice.
You don't have to think very deliberatively about it.
In Part I, I review descriptive and normative scholarship on efficient breach and liquidated-damages clauses, and claim that drafting liquidated-damages clauses may encourage parties to think deliberatively about the costs and benefits of their contractual agreements.
Another implied nuance of the presence of design is that in the case of Mintzberg, emergent strategies are eventually recognized and retrospectively made sense of, in the sense that the effective collective pattern of actions is consciously recognized, explained, and then pursued deliberatively by a highlevel strategy-maker.
Second, only people who can 'accept the priority of deliberatively established cross-cultural principles over their own culturally determined beliefs and values' (132) are allowed to be 'judges' in 'cross-cultural dialogue'.
376) Cases like Ex parte Quirin similarly reveal that, contrary to Justice Kennedy's wishful thinking, the Court during "extraordinary times" often does not deliberatively interpret the Constitution and laws in a way that best reconciles liberty and security.
First, most people perform poorly on the CRT, even though the problems are simple if approached deliberatively.
This did not mean retreating from one's core principles, but rather working more deliberatively and inclusively to find common ground and solve mutual problems to the benefit of everyone.
Intention describes how an agent or leader deliberatively organizes plans to achieve a present or future purpose.