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involved in or characterized by deliberation and discussion and examination

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Finally, adopting a reflexive approach that is deliberatively self-conscious; using co-mediator teams that leverage differences and similarities; and employing instructional methods that require mediators to grapple with racial and other difficult issues would further reduce the potential for mediator partiality and bias.
To compliment the facilitative process, a careful, deliberatively styled meeting structure is best.
By contrast, the judiciary inherently proceeds far more slowly and deliberatively than either Congress or the President.
Ever the pragmatist, Obama deliberatively mutes the rhetoric of democracy and human rights in favor of fixing global problems.
To understand the earth in this way demands more than mere ratiocination--as suggested above, rather than constituting a proposition one might deliberatively assess, affirm, or deny, the hadith refers to a relationship to space in general.
She may then go on to decide--either deliberatively, or without having to deliberate--that she is not willing to move away from her mother for the sake of her children's school, and that she cannot see any other way (subject to the constraints imposed by other concerns on which she is not willing to compromise) to keep her children in a good school.
JC: Direct, personal involvement with the people and the issues, clearly articulated goals, transparent disclosure of accomplishments and failures, acknowledgment that within universities change may be advocated at almost any level, but happens most deliberatively and probably most efficiently when presidents, provosts and deans put themselves on the line with regard to defining clear purposes and reporting timely and clearly on results, including failures.
Zoning exemptions, deliberatively administered through a due diligence policy and process adopted by the board and in concert with applicable local jurisdictions can provide one such alternative solution.
As more people need health care at the same time we are experiencing an inadequate nursing workforce, the need for a broad complement of deliberatively forged responses is most important.
We know that changes we need to initiate in response to changes in our environment must be undertaken consciously, purposefully, and deliberatively.
If we want health reform that is substantively just and caring, then we want an ethical consensus that is deliberatively forged and practically expressed as just limits regarding our own health needs.
Not only did the Times' articles reflect the fact that debate over Palestine overshadowed the discussion of rescue efforts at the conference, the newspaper itself contributed to that occurrence by publishing the Council's deliberatively provocative statement.
Would they lend themselves to a significantly different appreciation had they each been published a decade later, or a couple of years earlier, for that matter, or if they had been purposely commissioned and deliberatively negotiated into existence, to begin with?
Services providing content, such as the offer for sale of a package of sound or television 'broadcasting' content have been deliberatively excluded from the Universal Service Directive (See Recital 45 of the Universal Service Directive).
If this is how e-rulemaking changes the regulatory process, it could undermine a pluralistic or deliberatively democratic vision of the regulatory state by negating the limited influence that the public currently has through the notice-and-comment process.