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involved in or characterized by deliberation and discussion and examination

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Manning noted the Secretary had been inconsistent in the past on whether the forms were protected by deliberative process privilege.
The people who are showing this distinction are actually the ones who show the least evidence of deliberative, careful, controlled thinking.
Deliberative justice is served when policy decisions take into account conclusions that transpire as a result of a truly inclusive and civil process.
The idea developed here is that, despite these differences, common-law adjudication mimics the deliberative process that gives enacted law its legitimacy.
2) In a deliberative light, democratic accountability means, literally, giving an account rather than being subject to the sanction of electoral defeat.
The fundamental respect among participants in public discourse that deliberative democracy requires is a far cry from the partisan reality today.
The democratic character of truly deliberative processes is striking.
Exhibit 1 describes the essential differences between collaborative and deliberative modes of public participation.
According to the procedures, the Deliberative Councils on the Constitution in the upper and lower houses are supposed to study draft amendments.
My proposal consists of three interrelated moves that political marketing scholars need to undertake: a) an engagement with deliberative and, in particular, communicative versions of democracy; b) a de-centring of the focus on the acts of voting and campaigning in order to allow for the scrutiny of other political acts like demonstrations; and c) a substitution of a social constructivist understanding of the notion of "public" for the now prevalent conception of aggregating individual opinions.
Given that, in their view, the child has a fundamental right to be heard in all collective deliberative processes determining his or her future, the authors set out, first, what is required of such processes to respect this right--namely that the child's authentic voice is heard and makes a difference--and, second, the distance between this ideal and practice exemplified in the work of child welfare and child protection workers in Norway and the UK, chiefly in their display of an instrumental attitude to children's views.
Innovating Democracy: Democratic Theory and Practice after the Deliberative Turn.
From a purely Machiavellian perspective, can deliberative institutions be effective tools for managing dissent and sustaining one-party Communist Party of China (CPC) rule?
The first was the "Democratic Governance at the Neighborhood Level" meeting, organized by Grassroots Grantmakers and the Deliberative Democracy Consortium (DDC) during the November 2008 Congress of Cities in Orlando.
there a case for developing the deliberative function of the WTO,