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Synonyms for deliberateness

a rate demonstrating an absence of haste or hurry

the trait of thoughtfulness in action or decision

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1007/s10676-008-9160-z) encourage deliberateness and thoughtfulness.
The ideas and experiences can be complex and weighty, but--as with her other works--Nelson handles them with care and deliberateness, not lessening or lightening the depth of her subjects but transforming them so that they rise to the occasion.
More than the mechanics of journalism, Tom knows and models journalism as a pledge to public service that must be lived with deliberateness and integrity.
The labels of "free form" or "open form" that the work often receives can belie the deliberateness and significance of its structure.
The North Korea crisis calls for nuance and deliberateness.
It explores the connections between autonomous skill functioning and misjudgments in music learning by examining motor skill acquisition and its progression from cognitive deliberateness to somatic automaticity, drawing familiar associations with Paul Fitts and Michael Posner's Three Stages of Learning, Daniel Kahneman's Theory of Two Systems, and with computational theorists' notion of metacognition.
Modified actions represent high levels of deliberateness because change is minimal.
The copying is breathtaking in deliberateness, magnitude and hubris.
It was annoying--but it also brought a level of deliberateness to our comings and goings.
4) Although we have, in this second typology, a predominance of parataxis over hypotaxis and a very simple syntactical structure, there is a sense of deliberateness in the flow of these passages.
We need, for example, to recover a certain sense of deliberateness and calm," he said.
The perfumer, who was compelled to enter the business following a chance encounter with someone in the field after he graduated from an school in Stockholm, is known for products that evoke experiences--he says scent is "all about memory"--and for bringing craft and deliberateness to a market dominated by luxury-brand monoliths.
But Zegarac also eloquently explains the deliberateness of settlers' attempts at dehumanization: "They use words of hatred to break us down and try to make us feel less human.
Excerpts from their email conversations and a face-to-face interview illuminate the fresh challenges that emerge in the classroom--always requiring some blend of assertiveness, deliberateness, caring, and a steadfast belief in development.
The deliberateness of his actions, as he prepares for his first sally, offers evidence that they obey principles; what disconnects his decision-making processes from reason is the mere fact of his madness--i.