deliberate defense

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a defense organized before contact is made with the enemy and while time for organization is available

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Companies performed a deliberate defense to interdict enemy moving through the area in order to build trust with the village in which their platoons would later conduct KLEs.
When planning a deliberate defense, or any operation, our professional military education system teaches Soldiers that the Commander is an essential figure.
We built in some deliberate Defense Department play in this exercise, some of it in coordination with the state National Guard units, to figure out who might have the best capability and be able to best respond," the senior DHS official noted.
Since the battalion's tactical tempo was high, and the enemy threat on the combat trains was also high, a strong security and a deliberate defense should have been a higher priority.
Toward the end of the rotation, our squadron was tasked to provide a guard force forward of where the regiment's decisive operation was preparing a deliberate defense.