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a shop selling ready-to-eat food products

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Delicatessen food by the 1920s offered a refuge for the reputedly lazy "jazz wife," who ran out and got deli food instead of cooking.
While Millennials want their deli items quickly, they also want to spend some time reading the labels about what's in the food, which they want fresh, natural and healthy, according to the Madison, Wis.
Lightlife Smart Deli Turkey Slices 180 mg Tofurky Pepperoni Slices 180 mg
Consumers also want more flavor from prepackaged deli meats.
Tray is the most used container type in the Savory and Deli Foods market in Ireland.
Southern Deli (SD) Holdings is headquartered in Charlotte, N.
Deli Cheesecake is so easy-to-use and versatile that it allows for a thousand creative applications.
The winning Deli will then be announced at the Great Taste Awards in London in September.
Like Yiddishisms, the Jewish deli has permeated American culture--and in this case generated ubiquitous spin-offs, a combination of fast food restaurant and shop selling cold cuts and salads.
It wasn't long until a State Board of Equalization auditor happened to buy something at the deli and noticed that sales tax wasn't being collected.
The Alnwick contains a selection of regional products, including Doddington cheese biscuits and some Deli at Darras favourites such as Petit Belgium chocolates and Vouvray French white wine.
And at just 75 cents apiece on Monday in honor of the 75th anniversary of Canter's Deli, there was no better deal.
Suppose that a deli begins offering pizza although there is a pizzeria tenant in the same building?
McKenzie of Vermont has introduced a fresh, new look in full-line deli called Country Deli.