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In the meantime, Delf said, the school is "getting creative," and has found space for the displaced teachers and students in other areas of the main building.
Speaking of the appointment, FIH CEO Jason McCracken said Delf brings significant experience and a passion for hockey which will have a positive impact on our leadership team.
Brooke and her mum Claire Fox with paramedics Ian Delf and Wendy Willico
Mr Delf slammed into the back of the truck and was thrown across the road.
A public meeting in Upper Denby last year, saw a one hundred-strong crowd give almost unanimous support to the idea of local ownership and management of the Delf.
If we serve a few more breakfasts, it doesn't increase costs that much because we're not adding staff," Delf said.
Mr Delf, 35, was out riding with friends between Scots Gap and Rothbury, in Northumberland, when the accident happened.
Delf said school district officials appreciated the quick response.
The district plans to complete comprehensive lead testing over the summer, Delf said Monday.
Kennedy Principal Charlie Smith referred the Register-Guard's request for comment to Kerry Delf, the district's spokeswoman.
An elevated level also was found Monday at Roosevelt Middle School in the first of two samplings, district spokewoman Kerry Delf said.