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Gerhard Delf will continue in his position as Turbodyne's Executive Vice President Dynacharger(tm) OEM Programs which he has already held for more than one year.
Delf said an initial analysis indicated the breach was probably an attempt to strike at an outside server using the district's server.
More than 500 students attend the schools, Delf said.
Delf said in four of those cases, witnesses reportedly saw the robber leave the scene on a bicycle.
Delf said the man who police handcuffed and removed from the stadium after the fight sustained minor injuries.
Delf said investigators believe many of the items were stolen Sunday from stores at the Fifth Street Public Market and Valley River Center.
Although his plundering was only minimally rewarding, the robber will face felony charges if caught, Delf said.
We have caught individuals selling stolen property on eBay, especially when the items are distinct," Delf said.
Some of the victim's stolen items were returned to him, Delf said.
Unfortunately, it looks like someone has figured out that these cars are easy targets," Delf said.
Delf said the zombie impersonator was lucky he didn't get shot.
Eugene police typically see a jump in reports of property crime on surrounding streets, police spokeswoman Kerry Delf said.
Delf said Stephanie Cannon, a former assistant principal and interim principal at South Eugene High School, is serving as ECCO's interim administrator.
HE survived a horror crash, but Mark Delf is back home to enjoy Christmas with his family.
HE suffered the worst leg injuries a doctor had ever seen but crash survivor Mark Delf is now home for Christmas.