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Synonyms for delete

Synonyms for delete

to remove or invalidate by or as if by running a line through or wiping clean

Synonyms for delete

wipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information

cut or eliminate

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That can be a heavy weight to carry, which is probably why I've come to enjoy the freedom of my off-hours deleting so much.
Though often offensive and generally stupid, spam is relatively easy to identify, and deleting it can be done while sipping coffee, gazing out the window or making routine phone calls.
Of course, your best solution is to do all your deleting through the Recycle Bin, and think twice before you empty it.
Complicit employees may attempt to cover their tracks by deleting incriminating evidence and can wreak havoc on information systems in a matter of seconds.
Unfortunately no one told the IT department, who happily went on deleting electronic records on its own retention schedule.
If the lawyer is requiring, or even requesting, the expert to mislead by deleting material information, there would be a breach of professional ethics,'' said Ellen Pansky, vice chairwoman of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee.
We've now instituted a 90 day delay in deleting the content, including the photos, metadata, comments, and all the bits of an account, after it's deleted.
After removing excess data from a file or deleting the macros, reopen the file and save it, using File, Save As, under a different name.
Every action from updating feeds, reading and deleting articles, subscribing to new feeds to adding tags will be instantly synchronized in Outlook.
I've heard that just deleting files is not enough to assure privacy.
It guarantees only one copy of a confidential document by securely deleting a file from a user's PC once it is placed in the secure GhostSurf "vault.
What are the criteria for adding and deleting investments?
But thanks to the multibillion-dollar misdeeds of others, corporations now deleting certain records risk severe fines; and yes -- employees could even go to jail.
While most of these legends are harmless, some can cause real harm if taken seriously, such as a common story that certain legitimate Windows system files are dangerous and should be deleted - but actually deleting the files is what will damage your system.