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Synonyms for delete

Synonyms for delete

to remove or invalidate by or as if by running a line through or wiping clean

Synonyms for delete

wipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information

cut or eliminate

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The ECP said that in total 3036 deceased persons from FATA, the names of 2718 male and 342 female voters will be deleted while from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in total 40,608 deceased persons, the names of 30,298 male and 10,310 female voters will be deleted from the voters lists.
I did not - I only deleted my private and personal files," replied the suspect.
So in a recent software upgrade the techno-bods at Sky added the Undelete feature meaning anything deleted can be retrieved with ease.
Is there the equivalent of a landfill site in cyberspace where all the deleted messages are dumped?
In the decision, Justice Paul Pfeifer noted that deleted e-mails constituted a "novel issue" that had not yet been become settled law.
The Outlook client provides a Deleted Items folder for message recovery, but if this folder is emptied, help is required.
Nominet currently enables registrars to delete domain names registered in error, prior to invoices being raised, which means domain names with spelling mistakes can be deleted and re-registered correctly without incurring a fee.
99) includes commentary, deleted scenes and featurettes on two discs.
Audit documentation must not be deleted or discarded after the documentation completion date, however, information may be added.
WinUndelete is an easy to use undelete software utility to recover deleted files from hard drives, floppy disks, ZIP drives, USB external flash drives, digital camera cards and more.
You could add some really huge files to your hard drive and they would eventually (and randomly) write over deleted ones.
Nobody spends all his time being productive at work, and spam can easily be deleted during the normal mental down-time that all employees allot themselves.
File Rescue Plus recovers lost or deleted files and photos from pc's, workstations, servers, external drives, or digital cameras.
IF YOU've recently deleted a file via Windows Explorer by highlighting the file and pressing the Delete key, or by selecting Delete from the right-click menu, restoring the file will likely be a breeze.
Recycling, Recycled files are not deleted until the space is needed or someone manually deletes it.