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  • noun

Synonyms for delegacy

the state of serving as an official and authorized delegate or agent

a group of representatives or delegates

the appointment of a delegate

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40) Sonnenfeldt's advice to Kissinger regarding the Soviet's threat of military support on behalf of the Arab governments in the "Soviet preserve" proves that the administration's and Kissinger's concerns of direct Soviet intervention in the crisis was rooted in fact, but also the delegacy of maintaining a balance of power in a region was of interest to both super powers.
The Mosnens from Campulung also did carting, but only with lords' delegacy.
The movement announced that they will send a delegacy to Brussels.
If Muslim Americans are able even as a minority to champion the causes of the majority, he said, then they have made it and Aowe will proudly become great representatives in the public service of the country starting from delegacy all the way up to presidencyAo.
Their fears solidified and not knowing what a usual hour would be, a majority of the Republicans retired to the capitol to spend the night in the territorial hall of representatives ensuring that the Democrats would not begin without the full delegacy.