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Synonyms for delectation

Synonyms for delectation

a feeling of extreme gratification aroused by something good or desired

the condition of responding pleasurably to something

Synonyms for delectation

a feeling of extreme pleasure or satisfaction

act of receiving pleasure from something


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CREATIVE START-UP: Cleveland College of Art & Design graduate Lisa Wyldbore of Darlington, with her Delectation fruity designs
PFP expressed profound concern over the discriminatory laws which bar people and political parties from delectation who don't express loyalty to the concept of Kashmir's accession to Pakistan.
Olly is, you see, a dedicated foodie; the only thing he loves better than eating a meal is introducing another person to some delectation or another.
The bodies and faces of the Polynesian women Gaugnin incessantly painted were not simply offered up for delectation and the projection of fantasies.
Every part of the animal was cooked up and presented on a plate for our delectation - trotters, cow's tongue, tail and most of its insides - the lot.
What might seem a casual and somewhat passive gesture, the placing of common materials over a simple piece of wood, ultimately produces geometric cacophony; Pedigo here brings out hidden or overlooked details, as he often does, allowing surprisingly complex moments of formal delectation to come when one might least expect them.
And though the script only surfs the sexual implications of Manli and Sansan sharing the same body for Junchu's delectation, the pic spins an elegant, sometimes sensuous web of tangled emotions, underscored by Lee Xinyun's sinuous music.
VOUS vous plongerez alors avec delectation dans ce nouvel ouvrage de Franc Schuerewegen.
In contrast to The Simpsons, Futurama permitted the writers to let their mathematical fancies run wild and to cram in math references for their personal delectation, Keeler says.
I will leave your readers to the article itself for their personal delectation.
So feast your eyes on the PW-9300: 22 dictionaries' worth of wordage for your delectation and delight.
In 326 tightly-printed pages 152 of these excellent little stories are presented for the reader's delectation.
Neither signed nor dated, The Mosquito Net was retained by Sargent until the end of his life and has long been ranked among his best "private" works--small paintings done for his own delectation rather than for a patron.
As it is supposed to be one of Britain's leading theatre companies, it ought to be producing work for national delectation, not the other way round.