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From delectably fresh meats, fish and vegetables cooked in daringly spicy sauces, to mildly aromatic dishes for the spice beginners, the extensive menu boasts something tempting for everyone.
He doesn't always sing about marijuana, but it's a recurring theme in his music, the entirety of which, judging by what he's released, consists of delectably thugged-out versions of radio hits.
He saw a number of film stars, including the very beautiful Madhubala (Mumtaz Begum), from a very close quarter, and wrote very delectably about his encounters with them in his famous autobiographical work, entitled, "Counting My Blessings.
These are so delectably dark and divine that you just won't care
They have recently added Aberystwyth's delectably angular and poppy Race Horses to the already impressive bill.
95) for her, which was as delectably fresh and pretty as that at any top-of-the-line sushi bar, and Charlies crab cake ($8.
The touches of lambswool, merino or cashmere really add comfort, so wrap up with style or drape delectably with a luxurious throw that's soft to the touch and positively oozing with sophistication.
com) specialize in creating sweaters that are as delectably soft as they are classic.
The Haunted Bride Monday, Town Hall Theatre, Hartlepool A spine-chilling new play by John Goodrum based on a delectably eerie tale by Charles Dickens is in Hartlepool on Halloween.
All share the distinctive and delectably free and impressionistic modelling of form that characterises the sculptor's late works.
The groom's cake was delectably frosted in chocolate and decked with strawberries.
We've got tender crocodile infused with a zingy lime and ginger dressing, and finally a delectably moist Kentuckystyle ostrich on a bed of egg noodles.
Coming on stage in the second half of the bill, his benevolent demeanor and warm tenor blended delectably with the vocals of the Turkish female and Greek male singers.
Laxman started briskly, turning Dale Steyn for consecutive boundaries in the first over and driving Paul Harris delectably through the covers, but it was Mishra's innings which proved frustrating for the visitors.
For all those reasons and for one other - our seductively salivating 12-month old bundle of bulldog - we ditched the flip-flops and sunglasses in favour of a delectably British break this year.