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As behavior analysts, we are all familiar with the fundamental concept that delaying the delivery of reinforcement comprises its effectiveness.
Airlines throughout the world are delaying and canceling hundreds of flights to the UK in response to the arrest there early today of 21 alleged terrorists accused of planning to destroy as many as 10 US commercial aircraft operating transatlantic UK-to-US service.
Delaying may also provide an opportunity to discover changes in the environment surrounding the decision problem, which alters the original probability distribution with some events becoming more likely and other events less likely, or to improve the accuracy of estimated consequences or payoffs.
Perceived STD risk, relationship, and health values in adolescents' delaying sexual intercourse with new partners, Sexually Transmitted Infections, 2004, 80(2):130-137.
Hart PONY League fields Friday blaming an environmental group for delaying an improvement project at the fields.
A team of researchers working in Guatemala says it has found a painless, no-cost means of enriching babies' blood with iron at birth: delaying slightly the clamping of a newborn's umbilical cord.