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Synonyms for delay

Synonyms for delay

to cause to be later or slower than expected or desired

to go or move slowly so that progress is hindered

the act of putting off or the condition of being put off

the condition or fact of being made late or slow

Synonyms for delay

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No difference was found between delayers and anticipators in terms of self-control or self-esteem, and neither factor contributed significantly to models that predicted the transition to first intercourse.
In initial analyses, an ordinal measure of expected educational level was included, but this measure did not differ significantly between anticipators and delayers or influence the transition to first sex, so it was excluded from the analysis.
To identify differences in frequency distributions and mean scores between delayers and anticipators, we used two-tailed Student t-tests.
We modeled the likelihood of initiating intercourse within one year first for the entire sample and then separately for delayers and anticipators.
Reasons were significantly different between delayers and anticipators.
Anticipators had engaged in significantly more risky behaviors than delayers (1.
The different background profiles of anticipators and delayers suggest the presence of two contrasting contexts that influence the transition to first intercourse: Delayers appear to be more invested in deferring intercourse, and may be supported by their ties to parents and church.
Thirteen percent of delayers and 53% of anticipators initiated intercourse within a year of the 1988 survey (not shown), and the difference was statistically significant (p<.
However, being influenced by parents significantly increased the odds of first sex among delayers (2.
Family income increased the likelihood of sexual activity within the year only among delayers (1.