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Progressives include California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey; strugglers include Colorado, Maine, and North Carolina; delayers include Georgia, Illinois, and Texas; and regressives include Arizona, Mississippi, and Nebraska.
At this mid-point in the year, we have essentially completed actions to delayer our organization, and are beginning to see early savings from that initiative.
These changes continue the progress the Group is making to simplify the organization, delayer management and reduce costs whilst at the same time improving organizational effectiveness and customer service.
Successful delayers in the marshmallow test use these cognitive skills to think up games and other strategies that help them to cool impulsive urges and reach future goals.
Once Mischel began analysing the results, he noticed that low delayers seemed more likely to have behavioural problems, both in school and at home.
WHAT TO DO NOW has been embraced by notable DJs including Junior Sanchez, Henrix, Rivaz, and Maurizio Gubellini & Delayers, who have each contributed a creative interpretation of the track.
And his admittedly nonscientific conclusion was that "the members of the wine industry are not purveyors of poison, as the antialcohol lobby groups would have us believe, but actually delayers of death and will help you to die young as late as possible.
Casey and her co-investigators recruited 59 adults who participated as young children in the original study and represented either extreme of the delayed-gratification spectrum-high delayers and low delayers.
In another study, anticipators were more approving of premarital sex, reported less parental monitoring, were less influenced by parents and perceived more peer sexual behavior than delayers.
Differences between delayers and nondelayers were compared for epidemiologically relevant categorical and continuous variables using chi-square and t tests, respectively.
For example, one study identified three patterns of participatory style among early-stage breast cancer patients: delayers, deferrers, and deliberators (Pierce 1993).
They also act as fusion delayers, causing more of the energy required for fusion to be gained through heat transfer than through work input (screw shear).
Delayers don't seek out extensive medical information; they prefer to learn about health matters from the media, such as women's magazines.
Inspired by the earlier typology of Miller and colleagues, (16) they separate sexually inexperienced teenagers into two groups: delayers, who have not had sex and do not expect to do so in the next year, and anticipators, who have not had sex but anticipate doing so in the next year.