delayed action

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a mechanism that automatically delays the release of a camera shutter for a fixed period of time so that the photographer can appear in the picture

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Rather, the snake's summer hormonal surge seems to have a delayed action, perhaps by priming brain cells during hibernation to kick off the mating game when environmental cues finally signal the arrival of spring.
Stanton continued, "We delayed action on these projects and maintenance activities due to the strong building season.
It would be damaging if we lost the confidence of the markets through delayed action and saw interest rates go up steeply.
The Curzon Street goods depot had already had a severe fire: New Street Station signal box had a direct hit and was destroyed, the goods depot at Suffolk Street was hit twice in three nights and three policemen were hurled to the ground and slightly hurt when a delayed action bomb in the goods yard exploded.
SANTA CLARITA - The City Council delayed action on proposed updates to Santa Clarita's development code after an amendment that could relax oak tree protections drew the ire of environmentalists and residents.
Many's the time when they've delayed action to the point that when a player, club or manager comes in front of them, you've forgotten what it was they did in the first place.
It also shows that Earth would experience much more significant warming if governments delayed action for 20 years.
Other options include delayed action, double pole double throw, heavy duty plate and a choice of architectural finishes including bright brass, satin bronze, oil rubbed bronze, bright chrome, satin chrome, white powder coat and black powder coat.
Meeting in Lancaster Monday night, the water-quality board had considered issuing a cease-and-desist order with an April 2009 deadline, but delayed action to look at adding punishments if the deadline is missed.
This bundling of charges and delayed action by the NLRB -- done
The council's Personnel Committee, headed by West Valley Councilman Dennis Zine, delayed action, clearly buying the full council some time to figure out what to do.
The committee delayed action for two weeks to get more information on how the issue would affect the Mayor's Office.
The Los Angeles Police Commission delayed action Tuesday on two controversial policy changes that would ask officers to ignore fleeing criminals in many cases and hold off responding to most burglar-alarm calls.
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